Following Helium’s Migration To Solana, Binance Moves To Delist HNT

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Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, has obligatory standards for each coin or token listed on its platform. The exchange also clarified that it would delist a coin or token from its platform if it no longer meets these standards or if the market conditions change in a way that could pose a risk to consumers.

Binance Removes Helium Trading Pair 

Binance recently announced that it would remove the HNT/BUSD trading pair from its platform. The exchange will stop accepting deposits of HNT tokens starting from March 25. According to their official statement, Binance has planned to disable the withdrawal of HNT tokens in two phases.

The first phase will begin after the cessation of deposits, from March 25 to April 17, during which users can still withdraw their HNT tokens from the platform. In the second phase, which will run from April 21 to June 24, Binance will enable the final withdrawals of HNT tokens.

The withdrawal process timetable has been set up to ensure all withdrawal requests are approved before the Helium Network relocates to Solana. The Helium Network expects to complete its migration to Solana by April 18, as the Helium Foundation is confident that this change will help the network grow.

Moving Solana Migration To April

Helium Network, a blockchain-based peer-to-peer wireless network, announced the migration news on Thursday on behalf of their Readiness Working Group. According to the statement, most of the group voted to shift the migration to Solana.

In the past, Helium established an Upgrade Readiness Working Group, composed of a diverse group of over 20 prominent technical stakeholders. This working group was formed because the network was preparing for an upcoming upgrade to become a system.

According to an announcement by the Helium Upgrade Readiness Working Group, a decision was reached regarding the migration date. After deliberation and discussion, the group voted by a supermajority to approve a change in the migration date, with April 18 as the final date.

The postponement was due to several factors: community preparation, necessary governance votes, additional testing, and operational improvements. The network plans to share its final review this month.

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