Meta Reportedly Explores Decentralized Social Platform To Rival Twitter

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According to reports, Meta Platforms Inc, the parent company of Facebook, may soon release its decentralized social network, P92, which would compete directly with Twitter Inc, a company Elon Musk bought last year.

According to sources familiar with the matter, the upcoming launch will support ActivityPub, a decentralized social networking protocol used by Mastodon, a competitor to Twitter.

Meta To Launch A Social Network For Sharing Text Updates 

Meta responded to the report by stating, “We are currently investigating the possibility of launching a decentralized social network where users can share text updates. We see a potential for a distinct platform where public figures and creators can share real-time updates related to their interests.”

It is unclear from the statement whether P92 is still in the ideation stage or has entered the development stage. Additionally, Meta and Twitter could face threats from other competitors.

Following Musk’s acquisition of the platform, several Twitter-like platforms have emerged. Reports have confirmed that T2, developed by former Twitter employees, has entered the beta release phase.

Other platforms, such as Mastodon and Spill, also seek to capitalize on Twitter’s diminishing market position. Meanwhile, Jae Kaplan, who co-founded the Anti Software Club that created Cohost, a Twitter competitor, told CNN:

“We frequently heard from individuals who have transitioned from Twitter, whether partially or entirely, that it is a more enjoyable experience overall.”

The term “Twitter Killer” was also applied to Damus, a decentralized social media network based on the Nostr protocol. Notably, Jack Dorsey, the former CEO of Twitter, supports the Nostr open protocol.

Last October, Elon Musk sealed the acquisition of Twitter after a lengthy negotiation period. Both tech leaders discussed possibly creating a blockchain-based social media platform during the takeover.

P92 To Leverage Instagram’s Huge User Base

Consequently, the DeSo Foundation unveiled its ambitious roadmap for launching a decentralized social layer. There is increased competition to capitalize on the upheaval caused by the former “Chief Twit.”

Meta’s subsidiary, Instagram, also joined the race by introducing a new feature in December 2022 called “Notes,” allowing users to share concise posts with a limit of 60 characters. According to a source, “the current plan for the minimum viable product is to allow our users to broadcast posts to individuals on other servers.”

It is uncertain whether or not users will be able to view and follow other individuals on other servers. Per the report, P92 will allow users to register initially using Instagram.

The product brief states that the app will adhere to the company’s existing privacy policies and include additional ones, with explicit reference to cross-app data sharing. However, sources familiar with the matter suggest Instagram and P92 will share minimal information in the future.

Nonetheless, the aim is to leverage Instagram’s extensive user base. As a result, P92 can access Instagram data from all users, regardless of their interaction with P92.

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