2021’s Top Five Extravagantly Expensive Sales of NFT Collections

The demand for the industry comprising Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) was at the highest peak in 2021. NFTs have become the most adopted theme within the blockchain industry at the moment. There is a multi-billion dollar worth of NFTs under development and within the market currently. But there are some exceptional NFT projects whose revenues against sales of NFT collections were the highest. For instance, the most expensive NFT collections were that of ‘Axie Infinity NFT collection’. The entire collection of Axie’s NFTs was sold at a whopping sale price of US$ 3.81 Billion.

It wasn’t just the sale proceeds that were extravagantly expensive. In fact, Axie sold a large number of NFTs which were spreading up to 11.4 million.

After Axie, the second most expensive NFT collection was of ‘Cryptopunks’. The project also sold NFTs for more than US$ 2.32 Billion easily.

Similarly, Beeple is yet another NFT collection that holds the title of selling the most expensive single NFT piece until the end of 2021. However, before 2021’s expiry, a record of Beeple was broken by a project called “The Merge” which belonged to Pak, a known artist. The owner of the NFT sold a single-piece NFT for an amount of US$ 91.8 Million (i.e. almost US$ 92 Million). However, later the NFT collection of Pak was divided into 312,686 pieces in total which are now under the possession of 28,983 traders.

Beeple again launched an NFT collection called “Everyday: The First 5000 Days”. Again Beeple’s NFT garnered huge consumer attention and eventually, the NFT was sold for US$ 69.3 Million. As of today, Beeple is considered one of the most expensive and public attracting NFT artists. Even the third most expensive NFT collection in the NFT market was of Beeple. This time the project was “Human One” and Beeple sold the NFT collection for US$ 29 Million.

A fourth is the NFT collection of “Cryptopunk # 7525”. At this time, the issuer of the NFT collection took onboard the world’s biggest auction house, Sotheby. The duo then proceeded to withhold the auction and generated sale proceeds of more than US$ 11.75 Million. Other lesser valued Cryptopunk’s NFT collection i.e. #4156 even made it to fifth place with sale proceeds of US$ 3.75 Million

Until the next 3 three positions of 6th, 7th, and 8th, Cryptopunk continued its dominance in selling expensive NFT collections.

It is now an admitted fact that the NFT industry has become an essential component of the blockchain industry. Whatever NFT sales are taking place recently, the sales are exceeding several million. There is genuine potential in the market which does not seem to end and quickly. In fact, the chances of further growth cannot be ousted at all.

Metaverse also is a project where huge worth of NFTs are being sold very often.

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