25% of American Youth Wishes To Invest In Crypto In 2022

The US has one of the biggest digital currency markets in the world but still, crypto adoption in the country is not very much promising as it should be. However, the good thing is that 25% of the adult American population are keen on investing their monies into cryptocurrencies very soon which has been proven from the survey conducted by Huobi, which is a global crypto trading platform.

The year 2021 will always be remembered as the finest year for the digital currency economy. 2021 brought double gains for each and every digital currency that existed during the time. In the month of January 2021, Bitcoin was trading hands for an amount of US$ 34,000 plus. During the month of November 2021, Bitcoin saw its value surge beyond US$ 69,000 which to date is the all-time high (ATH) value for Bitcoin.

It was this phenomenal growth in 2021 which attracted global investors towards crypto trading. The US was turned out to be the best nation in terms of getting involved in cryptocurrencies. The top individual investors, as well as corporate investors of cryptocurrencies, are all from the US. For instance, Microstrategy is the top corporate entity in terms of being the top Bitcoin investor in the world. The company is a US-registered company whose Bitcoin holding is above 120k Bitcoins.

A survey has been published by a crypto firm namely “Huobi” under the title “Crypto Perception Report 2022”. In this survey, it has been suggested that at least 25% of American youth are interested in putting funds into cryptocurrencies in 2022.

The observations contained in the survey report were based on the viewpoints of 3,144 American respondents. All of them were above the age of 18 years old and included 53% women and 47% men.

At least half of the respondents told the surveyor that they had started crypto investment only in 2021.

Amongst the surveyed individuals, 47% majority were of those who admitted that they do not own any cryptocurrencies. In addition, they suggested that they are not interested in crypto investment. While there were 28% of respondents acknowledged the fact that they do own cryptocurrencies. While the rest of 25% surveyed individuals said that for the time being, they do not own any digital currencies. However, they plan to own them in 2022 as their curiosity is growing when they are watching cryptocurrencies’ prices going higher and higher.

Almost half of these 25% of individuals argued that because of the inflation, they have no choice but to seek redemption through crypto investment.

The fad of cryptocurrencies is continuously growing in the US as well as in the world irrespective of the debate of ‘crypto regulation’. Currently in the US, ‘crypto regulation’ is the most debated topic. Many investors have self-restrained themselves from the crypto investment until the debate is over. They don’t want to risk their money unless there is a clarification with regard to the regulations.

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