60% DFI Gain Is Only A Fraction of What’s Forthcoming

In the last 14 days, the price of DFI has increased greatly. Stats suggest this will continue upwards with value gains above 60%. At least three major aspects were aiding DFI system directly in garnering further and improved attention.

The Decentralized Finance (DeFi) sector has been providing DeFiChain Technology for more entities and people to adopt blockchain technology.

It was only a week ago that the crypto market faced a hit, as the value of Bitcoin lost 22% of its value.  At such a time, DFI surged by at least 76%. On 6th December 2021 DFI gained its All-Time High (ATH) value of US$5.70. At the same time, DFI’s daily trade volume jumped to US$ 24.3 Million from only US$ 3.6 Million.

Analysts have put down three major reasons for the DFI surge. They include decentralized assets’ inclusion in DFI ecosystem, the rapid surge in the number of DFI users, and DFI transactions. Last but not least, another great increment in the total value locked (TVL) within the DFI projects.

Currently, the DFI ecosystem is diverting the attention of millions of investors from the world. The credit for this worldwide interest goes to none other than the addition of decentralized assets in the mainstream DFI system. What is happening currently is that DFI users are availing options of staking at their best. While accessing multiple pools of digital currencies, even highly valued cryptocurrencies as BTC and ETH have come within users’ reach. Similarly, they are conveniently accessing international markets of stocks wherein they are even trading tier-1 stocks of the world. Yields have become higher which is resulting in the emergence of a new chain of users.

The decentralized assets have increased the number of users, as well as the amount of DFI transactions. At this moment, the number of unique digital wallets, consisting of DFIs, has gone past 42,500, thus setting a new record.

There is also a radiant increase in TVL in the DFI which has broken records to top US$ 1.83 Billion as suggested by DeFi Llama. Again, this would be impossible without the decentralized assets becoming a part of the DFI network. A high TVL has forced existing as well as new users into a frenzy, with people rushing to invest more and more in an effort to capitalize on whatever yields they can get.

At the moment, DFI users have been able to take full advantage and benefit from high-yielding opportunities and staking features. DFI holders having 20,000 or above DFIs in their possessions, would certainly want to employ the lock button which ultimately locks their tokens. Once the tokens are locked, then by using “masternode” as the source code into DFI ecosystem, users can actually aid themselves by giving them a shot at earning huge rewards.

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