A Chain Of Pharmacies In Ukraine Starts Accepting Digital Currency Payments

Ukrainian Crypto Industry’s Rapid Growth

Prior to Russia waging war against Ukraine, the latter was amongst the top countries where the crypto industry was expanding very rapidly.

Despite the ongoing war, and despite various Ukrainian lands occupied by Russia, the crypto industry’s growth in the country hasn’t declined or reduced.

In fact, Ukraine started to rely on crypto for obtaining financial aid and support from the world and the general public.

At a time when the entire country is going through a major financial crisis, the crypto sector has really turned up for the nation.

The technology has been offering a great level of support and usability to the people of Ukraine. The people in the country are able to get so much done using cryptocurrencies.

With the adoption of cryptocurrencies by local pharmacies, cryptocurrencies are going to offer an even bigger benefit to people.

Huge Pharmacy Chain of Ukraine Integrates Crypto Payment Mechanism

ANC is currently the biggest and most modernized medical pharmacy chain whose branches are spreading over entire Ukraine.

The pharmacy chain offers various services such as the delivery of medicines on call, through delivery, and by post.

Similarly, the chain offers multiple payment options such as cash, electronic payment via debit/credit cards, online, cash on delivery, etc.

What the chain was however missing was a crypto payment option which has also been integrated very recently.

On Tuesday, 3rd January 2023, ANC announced that now its customers can pay in cryptocurrencies against purchases of medicines.

It told that for making the option widely accessible, several popular digital currencies have been brought into the crypto payment mechanism.

The option was sent live on the same day when ANC made the announcement of providing a crypto payment option.

ANC is now officially the first chain of pharmacy from the European region to incorporate a crypto payment mechanism.

ANC’s Partnership with Binance Pay

In the announcement, ANC further revealed that crypto payments shall be facilitated through the crypto payment app called “Binance Pay”.

This means that ANC has established a partnership with Binance for installing crypto payment options.

Binance Pay is currently one of the widely used crypto payment apps which were launched by the world’s largest crypto trading platform, Binance.

This app facilitates crypto payments in the top 70 cryptocurrencies of the world. The app is accessible worldwide through which crypto payments can be transferred, spent, and even converted into multiple fiat currencies.

How to Avail Crypto Payment Option at ANC?

Any customer of ANC who is interested in making payments in crypto can avail of the option in and outside Ukraine. For making a crypto payment, a person would need to download the Binance Pay app either on a computer or mobile phone.

ANC has also provided the link to the app on its official webpage.

If anyone is looking for medicine, he can visit ANC’s website, search for the medicine and then proceed to pay via crypto. Whatever products ANC has to offer, any of them can be bought against crypto payment.

Even crypto payments can be made over the counter at any branch of ANC’s chain of pharmacies.

ANC sells medicines on its own and in collaboration with other pharmacy brands at the national level namely Shar@, Kopiyka, and Blagodiya.

Currently, the network has approximately 130 branches in total which can easily be found in more than 130 cities in Ukraine. They collectively offer medicines and other related products to over 7 million Ukrainians.

For the time being, the crypto payment option has been limited to customers in Kyiv i.e. the capital of Ukraine. The option will soon be expanded throughout the country.

War with Russia and Crypto Donations

Soon after Russia waged war on Ukraine, the worldwide community came to the aid of Ukrainians. It was at this point, that crypto donations were pouring into the country which was backed even by the Ukrainian premier.

Since then crypto has become quite a norm in Ukraine and continues to expand enormously.

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