A Lucky Person Wins 5 Bitcoin Units from New Game of Bitcoin.com Games

A gamer at Bitcoin.com, who came out as the winner, earned the chance of winning not one but a total of 5 Bitcoin units.

Sun of Fortune: Hold the Jackpot, is the newest online game that has been introduced at the platform of Bitcoin.com Games. In order for the promotion of the game, Bitcoin.com Games decided to give away Bitcoins to the winners of the initial gaming sessions. It was told by Bitcoin.com Games that anyone competing and winning in a gaming session, will be given a total of 5 Bitcoins. However, the giving away of rewards in Bitcoin was kept secret.

It was reported that when the gaming session of “Hold the Jackpot” was sent live, multiple players from the world joined the sessions. However, there was one particular player, who unknowingly participated in the gaming session. But it was his luckiest day as he was able to hit the jackpot of his life. He might not be able to repeat that ever in his life. What this lucky player did was, firstly, he won the game, and at the time of earning his rewards, he was given 5 Bitcoins. Yes – he got to win not one, not two but a total of 5 Bitcoin units. If converted into US dollars then it is glaringly evident that he had won prize money worth US$ 180,000.

In almost all games of Bitcoin.com Games, there are monetary rewards in crypto. But usually, it is a rare occasion when a full Bitcoin unit is awarded to a winner. However, winning a fraction or portion of a Bitcoin is quite normal. There are multiple methods of winning Bitcoins at Bitcoin.com Games. For instance, Bitcoin can be won through winning a contest, through live gaming sessions, and by earning free in-house spins. Other than crypto rewards, there are also multiple bonuses that are earned on daily basis by the online players’ community of Bitcoin.com Games.

The player who had actually won 5 Bitcoins is told to be a person by the name “Wazdan”.

When Wazdan joined the live gaming session, he placed bets consisting of few dollars. He thereafter played several rounds of games and continued to place bets. At the end of his gaming session, he has won enough to buy a luxury house and bring a sports car of his choice in the garage.

It is common that casino games, which are played online, are usually high rewarding games. However, when it comes to extravagant prizes, Bitcoin.com Games is at the top of the game. It has been giving away huge prizes of money in the form of crypto and giving away 5 Bitcoins further proves Bitcoin.com Games lead. Though Sun of Fortune: Hold the Jackpot is a fresh game, yet around 1,400 online players approximately had been playing this game.

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