A panel of Crypto Experts Expects Bitcoin’s Projected Value for 2025 to be US$318,417

A new prediction regarding Bitcoin’s projected value for December 2021 has been determined by a panel of experts. The determination suggests that the value of Bitcoin will be US$ 318,414 per unit after 3 years and 5 months. The standout prediction turned out to be the value of US$ 160K which, according to an expert, will become true at the end of 2021. While the majority of panelists agreed that hyperbitcoinization will take place in 2050.

Bitcoin’s value may be going down, in reality, these days but in the estimation of its experts, Bitcoin’s future is brighter than one’s imagination.

A Group of panelists sat together for the purposes of determining the projected values of Bitcoin for certain periods. The panel comprised over 42 experts from the field of crypto hailing from different regions of the world. The members included key personnel of crypto exchanges, operators of crypto funds, and others. It was sponsored by a major online website called “Finder” which usually compares products relating to digital assets.

According to the estimation of Bitcoin’s panel of experts, the future of Bitcoin is bullish and beyond anyone’s imagination. Almost the entire panel has predicted that per unit of Bitcoin will cost about US$ 318,414 by December 2025. The sponsor detailed that the determination of Bitcoin’s value for 2025’s end is higher than the earlier predicted value. The same panel had predicted at the end of 2020 a price which was lower than 61% from the recent determination. The present determination is also higher than the one determined three months ago in April 2021.

The panel of experts also predicted the future value of Bitcoin at the end of the year 2030. According to them, Bitcoin will be sold at a whopping price of US$ 4,287,591 (i.e. about half a million dollar). However, this prediction for 2030 does not seem to be in line with the 2025’s prediction. There is a difference of approximately US$ 3.8 Million in between five years’ time namely 2025 till 2030. The said prediction was therefore refused by most of the penal members. However, at least 52% of the majority was convinced that in 2050 an event will occur which will be known as “hyperbitcoinization”. They said it is going to be this timeframe when a single unit of Bitcoin will cost roughly millions of dollars.

In any case, the majority came to a consensus that the future price of Bitcoin for 2030 will be somewhere around US$ 470,000.

As regards the price of Bitcoin at the end of 2021, 61% of panelists agreed that it will be about US$ 66,284. However, Mortin Frohler, CEO of Morpher, and amongst the panelist members, was very positive about Bitcoin’s future at the end of the present year. He said according to his estimation Bitcoin will be sold at a price of US$ 160,000.

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