A Penthouse in Miami Sold For US$ 22 Million in Crypto

Miami, Florida just witnessed one of the most expensive sales of a penthouse whose deal was locked at US$ 22 Million and the whole amount of sale was paid by the purchaser in cryptocurrencies. This expensive 5067 sq.ft. the penthouse was part of a 12-story building and offered an open terrace at an area of 2,960 sq.ft. facing the beach.

One of the most expensive penthouses has been sold in the State of Florida. It was by far the biggest sale of a penthouse that took place in Miami ever. The penthouse is located in the Surfside of Miami and has now been purchased by an unknown person. What makes this sale more interesting is that the purchaser had paid the entire sale price in cryptocurrencies. The properties which are located in the same area are known for being the most expensive in Miami. Against each square foot, thousands of dollars are paid for by the purchasers.

In December last year, there was another penthouse in the same region which was purchased against payment of US$ 33 Million. However, the money was paid in cash. Yet, this particular penthouse has been sold for US$ 22.5 Million and interestingly every single dollar was paid in cryptocurrencies. It is believed that it will take only the blink of an eye when crypto prices would again rise.

The name of the person buying this penthouse hasn’t been disclosed intentionally as he did not want to mention his name. It was reported that against each square foot, the purchase had paid an amount of US$ 4,440.50. It was further revealed that the penthouse was part of the building known as Arte by Antonio Citterio. This building has 12 stories and the sold penthouse was on the 9th floor. The total covered area of the penthouse is reportedly 5067 sqft. Within this covered area, there is an open space for a terrace fronting the beach at an area of 2,960 sq.ft.

The project was originally designed and completed by two persons namely Alex Sapir and Giovanni Fasciano.

During an interview, the sub-developer of the building, Fasciano, told the media that crypto is the ultimate currency of the future. He said that this is the first biggest sale in the area through crypto and there will more in the due course.

Sapir Corp’s Chairman said that more inquiries relating to sell and purchase of penthouses in the area are coming. People are interested in acquiring assets on the basis of cryptocurrencies. The present deal is the landmark achievement that will encourage people to lock their sale-purchase deals through crypto.

Other notable features of the penthouse include 4 bedrooms, a swimming pool, 360-degree ocean view, a power room, 4 bathrooms, and a bar. Facilities such as a sauna, gymnasium as well as a full tennis court are also provided.

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