Adoriasoft’s Newly Released SDK Enables Any Cosmos Chain to Become a Polkadot Parachain

Adoriasoft, a renowned blockchain development firm, released a completely new SDK which would make Cosmos chains a bigger powerhouse than it already is. Cosmos chain could be established on Polkadot using the Cosmos SDK Parachain Development Kit, which would allow Cosmos Projects to be operated in interoperable networks.

The consequences of this prospect are very important and have the possibility of diluting the Cosmos Projects into Polkadot’s universe. Both of them are utilizing a PoS system, but the architecture of their network is unassociated. One of them is made on Tendermint, and the other one by Substrate framework. Adoriasoft has come up with a way to connect them with each other without having to rebuild their model. SDK would reap benefits for Polkadot by inclining Cosmos developers to work on Polkadot’s array of parachains which are inevitably linked to the Polkadot Relay chain.

Any independent chain is not able to send or receive information to other blockchains because they have no connection in-between them. Cosmos SDK will use parachains in order to allow Cosmos blockchains to link with other blockchains, and it will be of huge help to Cosmos developers by enabling them to access the most secure and liquid PoS network.

Overcoming The Obstacles

Polkadot and Cosmos have security models unique to each other. Polkadot utilizes parachains that are secured through a Relay Chain using GRANDPA, a distinctive consensus algorithm. GRANDPA consensus provides security for all the parachains using a shared security framework.

However, the Cosmos Network does not use the Relay Chain model. All the blockchains secure themselves by using validators which, in return, poses a greater risk of attacks and small projects also have to incur the same network security costs. That is why it takes a lot of effort and time for Cosmos SDK developers to build and oversee their security protocols.

Adoriasoft Describes How This Will Benefit The Polkadot Ecosystem

Its Github grant document states that Cosmos and Polkadot systems will benefit from the interoperability as they have similar ideas and purposes, and it would allow the developers to use Cosmos SDK in their blockchain, which would be linked to the Polkadot Relay chain.

Adoriasoft issued a blog post saying that our model will be of benefit to the Polkadot ecosystem as it will attract Cosmos developers that have been working with Cosmos SDK, which is rather difficult, so they would work seamlessly on the Polkadot framework and unload their burden of Cosmos development by shifting to the Polkadot Relay Chain.

Polkadot is riding a high wave which adds more expectations to its performance capabilities mainly due to the failure of Ethereum. Polkadot can deliver on its promise of delivering a scalable infrastructure and an active community, which has to pulsate with the Defi user and developers alike by incorporating Cosmos as it does not have a low throughput and high fees which cost Ethereum its reputation and nor do it brag about the network effects of Ethereum. Adoriasoft’s release of Cosmos SDK could cause Polkadot to be flooded by the projects migrating to it.

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