African Rhino Conservancy Using NFTs for Saving Black Rhino from Extinction

Black Rock Rhino, a conservation facility, established for the welfare of Black Rhinos has joined the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) market for selling NFTs comprising pictures of Rhinos with the aim of generating funds for the preservation and upbringing of nearly-extinct rhinos.

Black Rock Rhino is a conservation facility established in Africa for the preservation, well-being and upbringing of the African Rhinos. The organization is the lead non-profit organization whose work has been appreciated even by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

On the other hand, Black Rhinos is enlisted in the list of endangered-species because there are hardly a few Black Rhinos left. They are considered “nearly-extinct” animals and come at number two in the worldwide list of nearly-extinct animals after Amur Leopard. However, the only living population of these rare rhino species can be found in Africa. However, their lives are in danger because Black Rhinos are the ultimate targets of poachers.

The poachers are killing these rhinos for money and sell their horns in the international markets. It has been noticed that most of the times poachers are actually hired hands working on the instructions of a private person. In any case, rhinos are killed and their horns removed. Certainly for the person collecting their horns, the animal’s life doesn’t matter at all. What matters to such a person is that he can place the rhino’s horn in his personal collection at house.

But there are good people like the ones associated with Black Rock Rhino whose only purpose is to save Black Rhinos from extinction. They have developed an entirely Black Rhino specific facility where rhinos are brought in and taken care of.

At the facility, these nearly-extinct rhinos are fed, brought up in a safe and healthy environment, depicting natural habitat. In addition, the organization provides these rhinos protection from the poachers. For the time being, there are at least 200 rhinos taking shelter in the facility from the eyes of poachers.

However, the preservation, well-being and upbringing of these rhinos requires huge funding. With the help of generous organizations such as WWF, private individuals etc. the funding is being provided continuously. But in order to have an extra fund which can be used in the situations of emergency, Black Rock Rhino has suggested a scheme.

It has been confirmed that the organization is joining the NFT market and plans to sell NFTs comprising pictures of Black Rhinos. The purpose of these NFTs is to generate funds for the preservation of these endangered species. The NFT partner of the conservancy is Virtual Nations Builders, which is a blockchain company in South Africa.

The open auction of the NFTs will take place on the 11th of November, 2021. Black Rock Rhino conservancy has clarified that the funds collected will be used to meet day-to-day expenditures.

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