Airdrop Launched on Crypto-Exchange by Profit Chief Service

It has been revealed that Profit Chief is in the process of an airdrop through, which as per Profit Chief is going to be on a large-scale. Profit Chief is an analytical service, which is also known as a CIS crypto-community. is considered to be one of the largest and popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

The platform has also confirmed that any person has the ability to participate and join the platform for free. The users will have the opportunity to acquire the GBR stablecoin for any amount possible completely free.

The origin of the platform Profit Chief comes from Russia by a person named Pavel Gromov, who is a famous cryptocurrency trader from Russia. Apart from being a famous crypto-traders, Gromov has also contributed to the cryptocurrency industry by authoring several channels. These channels are based on Telegram and they address the analytical and informational aspect of cryptocurrencies.

Some of the major channels authored by Gromov include Gromov Says, Margin, Altseason, and Crypto Chief. Over the years, Gromov has managed to accumulate a total of 100,000 plus subscribers from these Telegram channels.

The Profit Chief platform is known for providing its users and subscribers investment notes and trading signals. In addition to that, the platform also provides its clients with insurance coverage if they end up facing a decline in the Bitcoin rates from the exchanges.

It has been revealed that in order to use the Profit Chief, the clients are required to purchase Grom Token (GR), which is the internal token for the platform.

The Grom Token (GR) was added to one of the most prominent decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges known as Uniswap. It was back in October of 2020 when the Grom Token (GR) was listed on the Uniswap crypto-exchange.

According to on-chain data analyzing firms, the Grom Token (GR) has already experienced a 250% increase with respect to its price. On top of that, the Grom Token (GR) has also managed to make a place in two major cryptocurrency wallets. The names of the two cryptocurrency wallets are MyEtherWallet browser and Trezor cryptocurrency wallet.

On Saturday, March 13, 2021, it was announced by Profit Chief that it is going to launch a new token that is dubbed as “GRB” stablecoin. It has been confirmed that the GRB stablecoin will be launched through the cryptocurrency exchange.

It is yet to be confirmed as to when the distribution of the new stablecoin will be initiated. For now, the only thing that has been confirmed about the stablecoin is that it will be done once it is listed on the exchange.

Once launched, the users will be able to use the stablecoin in order to acquire in-app services provided through Profit Chief.

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