Alex Jones Claims He Lost Laptop Containing 10,000 Bitcoin

Bitcoin has gained widespread acceptance across the globe due to the surge in the price of the digital asset. Some years ago, some people might not even bother looking at their Bitcoin stash, but now people are more careful not to lose. Even though, like all good investments, there would be proponents and antagonists, Bitcoin has already seen its fair share. Despite that, the value of the asset keeps rising to make it one of the best investments you can think of, going by its price. So losing the digital asset might probably be a sad day for any trader.

Jones makes outrageous prediction about Bitcoin

A recent publication has reported that famous conspiracy theorist from America, Alex Jones, has allegedly lost a massive amount of Bitcoin. According to the publication, the controversial personality said he had misplaced his laptop, which contained nothing less than 10,000 pieces of the leading digital asset. With the recent surge that the digital asset made over some days ago, the price of the lost digital asset is said to be about $560 million.

In a recent podcast that he made, Jones teased the audience about not knowing anything about the issue but went on to ask if they wanted to know the secrets behind Bitcoin. After going back and forth, Jones answered in the affirmative that he feels that someone is pulling the plug behind crypto.

He further went on to tell his audience that the laptop that contained the massive amount of Bitcoin was handed over to him by the host of RT, Max Keiser. He said that he was in a city North of London, and that was where Max Keiser approached him with the laptop with an advice that the currency would be the future of the financial system when the time comes.

Jones fails to convince people that he truly lost the Bitcoin

Another baffling issue is that although the audience bugged him for more details, he refused to utter any more words other than he had lost the laptop. He also mentioned that he feels the coin is controlled by globalists and advised people to trade at their discretion. The crowd was also treated to a frenzy after Jones claimed that he feels that the whole Bitcoin concept of Bitcoin was created and developed by aliens.

He didn’t stop there as he mentioned that he thinks that aliens created human beings. Although most people feel that Jones was going on about the usual way he behaves, some records and files put him at the location that the exchange took place around the time that it took place. Also, some files show that Max Keiser was at the location in Watford.

Even with that, most people are still of the opinion that they might have met up without any exchange taking place. Another reason why they have refused to believe him is because of the details on how the laptop got lost that he refused to provide. However, the creation of Bitcoin is still a mystery to most people judging by the scarce details of the famous founder Satoshi Nakamoto online.

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