Alfa Crypx Review – What You Should Know About This Broker

Alfa Crypx


Alfa Crypx is a new broker in the online trading world, you can sign up with them in the link below or continue reading our Alfa Crypx review to learn all you should know about Alfa Crypx. Is Alfa Crypx scam or legit? Learn more today!

Alfa Crypx Review

In the running year, the world of online trading has observed so much success that the entire world is in a state of awe. From the beginning of the year 2020 till now, the online trading market seems to be making huge amount of development, accommodating more and more investors on a daily basis.

The year 2020 caught the world population and global economy off-guard and shutdown the entire system in a matter of days in the form of quarantine zones, lockdowns and curfews. Although, these implementations were made to contain the coronavirus situation, it led to thousands of companies being shutdown, leaving millions of people unemployed.

As a result, people who lost their jobs, became desperate and were keen to find a solution to their monetary demise. This is when the online trading platform was present to accommodate these people and help them earn enough money to keep their tables filled with food and help pay their bills.

My Journey from Being Employed to Being a Trader

Among those millions of people who lost their jobs, there was one individual that I am very much aware of because that person is none other than myself. Before the pandemic struck the entire world, I was working as an executive in a BPO. Unfortunately, the company we were working for, couldn’t afford to keep up with ongoing events and alas, it came to the point of concluding their business.

Here I was, who had a job and everything planned out at one moment and was deprived of everything in the very next one. In the beginning, I was not able to figure out what I could do to make a living. Then I started losing my calm and patience. I became desperate and was badly in need of a job.

However, I came to understand that being panicked or desperate would not help me achieve anything. If I were to survive, I had to keep struggling and find a way to get me out of the mess. Therefore, I started doing my research on the internet to find a platform that would suit my requirements and help me make cash real fast.

I ended up spending days trying to figure out whether I should go for Work-from-Home (WFH) job opportunities, run an online business or do online trading. At this point, I had grown tired of working for someone and spending my potential. So I ignored online business and work from home, and decided to do online trading.

When I stumbled upon Alfa Crypx, I was a bit hesitant to invest through them. Therefore, I started searching for more options. My searches brought me too many well reputed online trading brokerages. However, the services these brokerages offered were exactly the same as Alfa Crypx, so I decided to go with Alfa Crypx. To be honest, I am regretting making my decision and I am sure you will not either.

So here’s the list of services Alfa Crypx provides their investors and they cannot seem to refuse.

Unique Account Types Offered by Alfa Crypx

While many online trading brokerages provide their customers with only one account type with very less services, Alfa Crypx provides you with three different types of trading accounts:

Standard Account

To be honest, the standard account by Alfa Crypx has been put together in order to accommodate investors who were setting foot in the trading business for the first time. These investors are to be trained on the basics first before they can start trading.

So to gain ownership of this account, the investors are required to make a deposit of minimum 250, which can be made in currencies such as Dollar, Pound or Euro. Once the account has been acquired, the investors can start trading from the Alfa Crypx trading platform.

In addition to the basics, the investors are able to avail maximum leverage of 1:30. They can perform instant executions through the trading platform and can avail spread from 1.3. With the standard account, the investors have access to trade with instruments such as Commodities, Indices, Cryptos and Shares.

The investors can avail 80% margin calls. When it comes to support, the investors are entitled for customer support, guidance from personal account manager and information access against the instrument updates.

Gold Account

When I started trading, I chose the Bold account as I was overestimated by trading capabilities. After a few monetary losses and mistakes along the way, I was able to get a hang of it. This is when I started picking up and now I consider myself very fortunate to have started trading with this account.

If you feel like doing the same as I did, then you can own this account by making a deposit of minimum 3,000 (Dollars, Pounds or Euros). Once you have acquired the account, you would have complete access to the features offered by Alfa Crypx’s trading platform.

You can avail maximum leverage of 1:30, which is based on the instruments being traded. This account grants users to perform instant executions through the trading platform and avail spreads of 1.5. The investors gain access to the same trading instruments as the standard account.

The investors are able to make 80% margin calls. As far as real-time support is considered, you can contact the customer support at any time. Then comes personal account manager who is ready to guide you at any given time. Lastly, it is the support of a senior account analysts, who are fully capable of sharing insights around the trending trading instruments. They make opportunities available for you to increase your chances of making more profits.

You will have access to the latest trading instruments’ news and insights to help you make your trading decisions easier.

VIP Account

Yes, this is the trading account that I currently have opened through Alfa Crypx for trading. You can also acquire this account that you now have ample amount of knowledge and experience in trading. Based on your own assessment, you can decide whether you would want to open this account or not.

However, if you do make up your mind for opening this account, you can do so by making a deposit of minimum 12,000 (Dollars, Pounds or Euros). Once you have crossed the first step, the second step is to start trading through the Alfa Crypx trading platform.

Once again, the maximum leverage you can acquire no matter the trading instrument is 1:30. With the Alfa Crypx’s trading platform, the investors have the power to perform instant executions. Additionally, you can utilize spreads that start from 0.1. The investors can trade in instruments such as Indices, Shares, Crypto(s) and Commodities and can make 80% margin calls.

Signing up a VIP account brings in daily trading signals for the investors. As far as real-time support is concerned, you can always contact the customer support and seek guidance on basic trading issues. On second is a personal account manager, then a senior account analyst and lastly, senior account chief analyst. Last but not least, with the ownership of the VIP account, you are enlisted to attend the weekly trading sessions with the senior account analysts.

Forex Trading

Derived from the original term ‘Foreign Exchange Trading’, forex trading allows you to buy and sell foreign currencies that are available in pairs such as USD/EUR, GBP/RUB, AUD/JPY etc.

Before you start trading, you need to choose a pair out of the 70 plus pairs that are currently available in the forex platform. Once selected, you can start analyzing the volatility of the forex market and can act based on the prices of the currencies.

At present, the forex trading observes a total transaction volume of around $5 trillion per day, making it the largest trade as per capitalization.

Indices Trading

In the Indices trading, you are not required to buy shares of the company. Instead, you need to choose one out of hundreds of index that are available in the stocks market. Each index represents the collective asset value of a group of companies where each index experiences volatility.

Once you have chosen a particular index, you can pay attention to its volatility and predict whether the collective asset value of the index is to go up or down. If the decision goes in your favor, you make profit and if the result is opposite, you end up taking the loss.

Commodities Trading

Commodities are natural occurring resources that are extracted from the earth’s surface either through agriculture, drilling and mining. These are further divided into soft commodities such as cotton, wheat, pulses etc. and hard commodities, which include copper, gold, iron etc.

In commodity trading, you can choose one out of hundreds of commodities and keep a close eye on its volatility and position in the market. When the prices becoming profitable, you can sell the particular commodity to make profit.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Crypto-trading is the latest addition to the online trading platform that involves buying, selling and exchanging of cryptocurrencies based on the volatility and positioning of instrument in the market.

At present, there are more than 6000 cryptocurrencies and more than 100 crypto-exchanges to choose from to help you trade in the crypto-market.

Alfa Crypx’s Exclusive Trading Platform

When I started my search for a reliable trading brokerage that I could rely upon, I found that majority of them offered Meta Trader 4, Meta Trader 5 and Web Trader to their investors. However, what really caught my attention with Alfa Crypx was that they developed an exclusive trading platform for their customers.

When it comes to the reliability of the platform, it is on-par with any of the best trading platforms that are currently being used by any popular brokerage. The Alfa Crypx trading platform comes loaded with one of the most user-friendly trading interface, equipped with the latest trading features.

Few of many features offered by the platform are algorithmic trading, daily news bulletin, historical report access for each trading asset and variety of trading charts. In addition to these, with Alfa Crypx, the investors gain access to the global online trading markets. Having such access increases the chances of investors making more profits.

Alfa Crypx Trading Platform on Browsers and Smartphones

To stay up-to-date with the public demand and requirements, Alfa Crypx managed to integrate their trading platform onto the internet browsers. So even if you do not have access to your operating system, you can simply open up the browser and start trading once you are signed in through Chrome, FireFox, Safari or any other.

Alfa Crypx has also developed their Alfa Crypx trading application that can be downloaded and installed on any Android or iOS smartphone.

Extras from Alfa Crypx

For Alfa Crypx, it is all about empowering the investors so they can make their own trading decisions with complete ownership. This is why they have provided their customers with extra content such as trading analysis, economic calendar, trading strategies and global economic insights. All the content shared focuses in injecting confidence into the investors.

Alfa Crypx’s Customer Support

At Alfa Crypx, it is all about customer satisfaction and to ensure this is executed, they have put together a team of highly professional and experienced customer support individuals. If you have any trading related query that needs answering, you can always pick up the phone and call their 24/7 support or do live chat with their team.

Alfa Crypx Is Still a Trading Firm

If you are interested in trading and want to give it a shot either through Alfa Crypx or any other brokerage, it is recommended that you first assess yourself. By this, I mean that if you are not patient enough, you will lose your calm and end up incurring more loss than you would already be facing. Because, whether it is real-time trading or virtual, risk factor is always there in the trading business.

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