Alleged Crypto Fraudster from South Africa on His Own Offers His Arrest

Sadile Shezi of South Africa, who has been accused of being a “crypto fraudster” has denied that the allegations against him are false, misleading, concocted and baseless and in order to clear his name he would offer his arrest to the police on his own. He has engaged a lawyer to prove his innocence against the charges of crypto fraud.

Sandile Shezi is young and energetic businessman and philanthropist hailing from South Africa. But Shezi has been accused of causing a crypto scam upon the shareholders of a South African company namely Global Forex Institute. However, Shezi has denied allegations and has claimed that he has been framed by some individuals with mal intent. He rejected that he has ever committed any fraudulent activity of any kind, including crypto. Instead, he suggested that he has been named accused in a fraudulent case which is concocted, false and baseless. Though he has been rejecting the allegations against him, yet he has agreed to present himself before the local police for his arrest.

Against the complaints of two individuals, the warrants of arrests have been secured by the police. It has been alleged in the complaints that Shezi, who is a Bitcoin investor as well, has committed investment fraud. However, it is the case of the accused that he hasn’t committed any investment fraud. Instead the complaints had paid him the money for the purposes of education and not for onward investing into crypto or else.

Unfortunately, Shezi’s media trial has been going on and he has been given the title of “crypto fraudster”. But in actual fact, his trial will be initiated once he is being arrested and brought before the trial. Under the law, until the trial court comes to any finding, an accused is regarded as innocent.

He has also claimed that it is absurd that a few shareholders of Global Forex Institute are raising such allegations. However, they themselves are part of the same institute upon whom allegations of fraud have been leveled. Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that in order to clear his name, Shezi has engaged a prominent legal counsel.

The legal counsel of Shezi too has issued a statement on his Instagram on 15th October, 2021. In this statement, the legal counsel has threatened that he will implead the persons accusing Shezi of crypto fraud in a court proceeding. He claimed that his client has been dragged into a false case only for extorting money from him. His reputation has been defamed by some people with vested interest. The legal counsel is in fact accusing the complainants of implicating his client for ulterior motives.

Shezi is confident that the Court will do justice with him and will pass orders in his favor when the trial is initiated.

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