Altcoins Explode with Gains – Market Overview

The recent positive sentiments in the financial space saw the overall crypto market cap reaching another high of $1.660 trillion. That came as Bitcoin and other alternative assets traded in the green zone.

Bitcoin bulls extended their massive push over the past day, taking the coin to another two-month record of more than $42.5K.

Meanwhile, most altcoins outperformed the leading crypto by market supremacy. For instance, BNB and ETH surged over the past day. DOT led the gainers, increasing 16% in one day.

Alts Go Green

The altcoins print a different picture today after yesterday’s sessions that saw most of them stagnating.

Ethereum managed to rally towards $2,600 after gaining 6% from $2,450. The early sessions on Sunday had ETH hitting $2,650, its highest value since 15 June.

Binance coin has shown sluggish actions over the past day. That is due to the regulatory issues surrounding the renowned crypto exchange. Today, BNB increased its worth by 7% in 24 hours to exceed $340. BNB has never traded that high since June.

Other altcoins that traded in the green are ADA (5%), XRP (3.5%), UNI (5%), BCH (2%), LINK (6.5%), and LTC (3.5%). Polkadot led the top coins after gaining over 16% yesterday. That way, DOT trades over $18 while publishing this.

Among the top 100, Siacoin emerged as the best performer after jumping by 37% to stand near $0.02.

Other assets that followed with substantial gains include IOTA (19%), Basic Attention Token (15%), Solana (10%), Filecoin (11%), Quant (27%), OKB (12%), and Digi Byte (13%).

With those crypto jumps, the overall market value climbs to $1.660 trillion. That translates to a $140 billion surge in two days and $40 billion gains in a day.

BTC Touched $42.5K

The top currency had impressive surges since last week, bouncing off the lows at sub-$30,000. Bitcoin added over $10,000 before extending its highs throughout the past 24 hours.

Bitcoin managed to claim the mid-May crash level at $42,300 (Bitstamp data). However, increased upticks saw BTC touching a 2-month high at $42,700.

At the moment, Bitcoin has lost around $1,000 as its market cap hovers at $800 billion. Meanwhile, Bitcoin’s market dominance lost 1% yesterday as altcoin saw price increases.

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