American Theatre Chain AMC Will Begin Accepting Bitcoin (BTC) By The End Of 2021

AMC, a chain of American theatres, announced at the beginning of the year that the theaters thereof would start accepting payments in Bitcoin (BTC) by 2021s end. The publication of the announcement was done in the report of earnings in August to elaborate the theater chain’s launch of accepting online payments in cryptocurrency for both the theater events as well as the movie tickets.

A positive response had been posed by the market over this news as approximately $3,000 were added more to the asset’s price following the dissemination of the news on 9th August. Currently, AMC’s CEO named Adam Aron, has certified that the acceptance of the payments in Bitcoin (BTC) will be incorporated by the respective chain of theaters by this year’s end. He added that three more cryptocurrencies are to be added to the existing list of supported digital currencies.

BTC adoption for payments

Aron, through his Twitter account, approved that his entertainment enterprise was making the availability for online BTC payments within 2021. Along with confirming the Bitcoin payments, he also declared that some other cryptocurrencies are also to be included in the presently supported digital currencies. These, he disclosed, include Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum. The respective theater chain, which is considered to be the largest of its kind across the United States, has implemented the currently announced method because there was an increasing demand by the consumers to enable it. The firm also has the intention to introduce Google Pay as well as Apple for being payment options as an addition to Bitcoin.

AMC advancing with the market of cryptocurrency

Among 2021’s prominent meme stocks is AMC stock. Following GameStop, the meme stock promoters focused their attention toward AMC. The organization was also a major contender for the craze of prominent meme stock due to the performance thereof throughout the last year. However, a significant decrease has been seen in the company’s market due to consecutive lockdowns that occurred because of the pandemic of Coronavirus.

After AMC was caught in the craze of the stock, which was meme-related, a significant upsurge has been noticed in its market in just a matter of 24 hours, taking it from the previous $4.95 to the new figure of $20.36. Numerous people are becoming attracted to crypto payments, and such giants are assisting them to be more familiar with this new method of payment.

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