Amongst Every Four Russian Investors Three Are Interested In Crypto, Disregard Fiat & Gold

Russian are famous for doing everything excessively and to a level where others may be annoyed. But this is how they act normally and they like to be as they are. This sense of doing everything “excessively” can be witnessed in the adoption of virtual assets amongst the Russians as they recently concluded survey reveals that out of 4, 3 Russian investors prefer buying virtual currencies instead of gold or using fiat currencies as a store of value. The trend of crypto investment is so vibrant amongst Russians that even non-owners and non-investors too want to invest in crypto if they have the money.

Russians love innovation and technology and that is why they were ahead of time when they were inventing ground-breaking technologies. But the infighting and the war against Afghans resulted in great suffering for the Russians. They were left behind in many aspects of life, and technology and innovation were no exception. The country that was ahead of time was sent back into the past.

It took years for Russia to put it back on track and compete with its traditional rivals in terms of economy. But by that time, Russia had already lost its title and once again started to work towards technological advancement and innovation.

When cryptocurrency was introduced first time, Russians were the quickest rushing towards Bitcoin. From that day onwards, Russian are excessively involved in adopting cryptocurrencies. After China, Russia was the second country where the majority of the Bitcoin miners were and are being facilitated. In order for understanding the nature of Russians towards crypto more closely a survey was conducted recently. The survey’s findings show that out of every 4 individual Russian investors 3 are interested in a crypto acquisition. They are not even interested in going after Gold or fiat, which are usually considered stores of value.

The survey conducting entity was Russian’s famous Association of Forex Dealers widely known as AFD. Interestingly, therefore, were only 14% of surveyed individuals who said their preferred investment vehicles would either be gold or the USD. They claimed that both are great sources of storing money for a longer period of time. However, the majority, which averaged almost 76% were into cryptocurrencies. They too claimed that crypto is the new investment source that is highly profitable than any other known source. For this reason, they would want to disregard old obsolete investment vehicles such as USD and gold, they suggested.

Meanwhile, there was another survey that was concluded in the US covering the US crypto consumers. The results of the US survey revealed that almost half of the respondents had been crypto investors. If both of these surveys from Russian and the US are compared with each other, then further intriguing findings can be drawn out. The findings evidently show that as compared to American consumers, Russians are one step ahead of developing interest in virtual assets.

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