An Extensive History of Crypto Hacking and how things have changed

Anybody who has spent even a small amount of time in the crypto trading landscape would know that hacks are a common part of it. When the first crypto coin became available, nobody thought that hacks would be as prevalent as they became later on. Sure, people did have some reservations initially, but they were eventually put to rest when people started gaining profits out of their crypto trading endeavors. Unfortunately, however, there were plenty of occasions where people got hacked later on and lost massive sums of their investments.

The evolution of the crypto trading world has been a wonder to behold as there have been monumental changes made over the years. With so many ups and downs in the crypto trading scene, people often wonder if these hacks are as dangerous as they are reported to be. In most cases, this question is often asked by people who are outside the crypto bubble. The reason why so many people raise this question is because they are keen to make an investment but are not sure if they would be safe. It would be fair to say that this concern is legitimate, especially due to the plethora of incidents that have taken place over the years.

There is no denying the fact that crypto trading is a massive goldmine. However, there are some things that people have to keep in mind before they start their investment endeavors. One of the most important things that one has to keep in mind is the safety of their transactions. There are plenty of crypto wallets available these days but it can be hard to determine which one is legitimate and which one is authentic. This is particularly new for people who are new to the crypto trading scene and want to see a massive return on their investments right away.

If you trace things back to the early days of crypto, it would be fair to say that the first ever crypto trading hack occurred two or three years after crypto became popular. This was a period when bitcoin was at an all time high and people were enjoying its boom period. Plenty of hackers became well versed with how bitcoins worked and how they would penetrate through the blockchain system. It only took them a relatively small period to figure things out and hack people’s crypto wallets.

Unfortunately, however, this was only the beginning. As hackers became more skillful, they learned to hack entire crypto exchanges and took off with millions of Dollars. That being said, things have gotten significantly better, and people have seen massive security improvements in the crypto scene recently.

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