Analyzing Major Reasons Giving Rise to Value of DeFiChain (DFI)

The value of DFI is surging exponentially, particularly within the last 14 days, and statistics suggest that it will continue to improve further even after gaining value gains above 60%.

For the technology of “distributed ledgers”, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) sector has been providing a very distinct usage called “DeFiChain (DFI)”. Because of this distinct usability more and more people and entities are embracing the technology of blockchain.

A week ago, the entire crypto economy underwent a deep correction and Bitcoin’s value sank for at least 22%. However, it was DFI which not only remained unharmed but surged for at least 76%. It was then noticed on 6th December, 2021 that DFI gained All-Time High (ATH) value of US$5.70. Similarly, there was remarkable increase in DFI’s daily trade volume which went as high as US$ 24.3 Million from just US$ 3.6 Million.

There were at least three major reasons for the DFI surge and one of them was integration of decentralized assets into DFI. The second reason was related to simultaneous increase in the number of users and DFI transactions. Thirdly, the total value locked (TVL) in the DFI protocol too had surged indiscriminately.

Great influx for DFI was however came in since past 14 days because of the decentralized assets joining the DFI network. The integration in turn allowed holders to avail staking and piling options. At presently, DFI users are enjoying fully integrated access to innumerable pools with the availability of large-cap digital currencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. In addition to large-cap digital currencies, users are also able to access highly demanded indices and stocks such as Apple, Tesla etc. Even the yields for the users have gone much higher than the typical and everyday yields.

Because of decentralized assets coming into the network, they instantaneously increased the number of DFI transactions as well as users. As of now, the total number of unique digital wallets containing DFI has reached more than 42,555, which is a new record.

Thirdly, there is a lustrous increase seen for the TVL in the DFI which too reached record breaking height of US$ 1.83 Billion according to DeFi Llama. Again, TVL’s record height wouldn’t have been possible if the decentralized assets had not become part of DFI ecosystem. High TVL forced existing as well as new users rushing into depositing further funds for availing high yields by accessing profit-making opportunities.

Currently, DFI users have been availing high-yielding opportunities as well as staking features. But for the major DFI users, who are holding more than 20,000 DFIs, can also utilize the token locking option as well. Through this option, they can apply “masternode” onto the DFI network which in turn can give them the chance of earning rewards.

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