AscendEX Lists Idexo

AscendEX announced Idexo coin (IDO) listing under IDO/USDT trading pair on 21 October. IDO and AscendEX team plans multiple promotional events on 22 October and 29 October to celebrate the move. Users trading and depositing IDO will enjoy shared alt’s pooled rewards worth 40,000 USDT.

Idexo introduces a technical and interactive experience for projects leveraging blockchain features to allow developers to build and expand reliable apps. The platform uses a UX-first, blockchain-based ideology to design an easy-to-use interface for creating app features vial shortcode and well-documented snippets.

Also, Idexo provides its clients with a Compute Credit model to ensure stable buying power. That way, it enables developers to build a workable business model via their apps. The platform guarantee users and developers a seamless experience interacting with the financial space. It also integrated the burgeoning NFTs marketplace, creating an all-in-one site.

With its IDO token, Idexo leverages its community power to improve the platform continuously. Its community-driven developments allow the platform to empower developers, entrepreneurs, and creators for positive changes. The IDO coin works in hybrid, decentralized, and centralized and models and recently expanded its capabilities towards the staking world. Users can earn rewards with the Idexo network by staking IDO tokens with two available betting contracts. That way, users receive coins and various benefits via the staking procedure.

Besides staking, IDO tokens serve as incentives for various community activities. Voters that stake their tokens for voting mechanisms and the foundation organize these incentives. The success and growth with Idexo on its platform and its token tokenomics show how the community is essential in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency market.

About AscendEX

AscendEX is a crypto-financial platform offering multiple products, including futures, margin, spot, and wallet services. It also supports more than 200 blockchain-based projects like Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum. Moreover, it serves more than one million institutional and retail clients worldwide with secured custody solutions and a highly liquid platform.

About Idexo

Idexo provides an easy way to incorporate blockchain functionalities in any application. With its focus on state-of-art UX and blockchain capabilities, Idexo guarantees an easy-to-use interface with shortcode snippets requiring minimum effort. It also provides a simple Compute Credit system to provide stable purchasing power, allowing developers to create sustainable businesses.

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