Author Says Bitcoin Could Be The Future Game Changer

Bitcoin has been seen as the game-changer when it comes to investing and making profits, with the majority of people in the market testifying to that fact. According to one of the hosts of a daily crypto show, the gentlemen of crypto, Isaiah Jackson, even though the whites are the major gainers when it comes to trading digital assets, things are set to change soon.

He noted that with the market already presenting ways for investors to diversify their assets, others could be included in reaping massive rewards of trading crypto. He also mentioned that other people who are not whites can still enter the Bitcoin space and make profits despite the price of digital assets believed to be in the sky.

The author is set to roll out the second part of his book

Isaiah Jackson is set to roll out the second part of his book, where he discussed at length about black people and their pattern of Bitcoin adoption. In the first version that was rolled out in 2019, the book “Bitcoin and Black America” saw a wide acceptance from all in the space as he pointed out some key facts regarding the market and black American people. He was also on hand at an interview to discuss the second part of the book set to be launched and released into the broader market.

At the interview, Jackson mentioned that financial markets would begin to spring up in several places that have been abandoned over the last few decades with the way things are looking. Listing the places that he thinks the financial markets would spring up, Jackson pointed out Senegal, Ghana, and Zimbabwe in Africa.

He also mentioned places like Belize in Venezuela while completing the list with Brazil and Costa Rica across Latin America. He noted that most of the places he mentioned had been neglected from an economic point of view, with firms and markets moving their markets to the bigger parts of the countries.

Jackson says suppression would reduce if people enter the Bitcoin market

Furthermore, Jackson says he believes that Bitcoin could be the game-changer as it would include everyone in the market in terms of financial capabilities. He notes that when rich people in native currency realize that others with a stake in Bitcoin are gradually coming up to them, then the suppression would reduce. He notes that since Bitcoin was created, it was created to have everyone in the economy class in mind, and that is just what it will do in this instance.

Presently, one cannot argue too much about that as the higher classed people have been able to use Bitcoin as a hedge to overcome the economy’s downturn, the poor population is still left to suffer the consequences of things like the coronavirus pandemic. Recent research by Oxfam showed that all the rich people worldwide have been able to add a whopping $3.9 trillion to their wealth since 2018 up till this moment. Another entity realized that workers across the world had lost about $3.7 trillion in that same span.

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