Axie Infinity’s Newly Launched Origin Season 0 Comes Amid High Expectations

Axie Infinity has doubled up on its products with the recent release of Origin Season 0. The new development signals the move to the third stage of the platform’s play-to-earn games.

However, the recent market rout experienced by the digital asset industry has significantly impacted Axie Infinity. After the release of the most recent game, the blockchain-based gaming platform has become active in the Twitter space as a conversation about Season 0 continues.

The play-to-earn gaming franchise has become a household name among blockchain gaming enthusiasts. The brand has become synonymous with avid gamers after the overwhelmingly positive response that Axie Origin has enjoyed.

The success of the Alpha season has left fans wanting more of the franchise’s games. Thus, the launch of Origin Season 0 promised to come with a slew of changes to the first version.

Sky Mavis noted that Season 0 will last for one month and will come with improved game mechanics for seamless navigation.

Sky Mavis Unveils Origin Season 0

With this rollout, new improvements to the updated gaming experience on Axie will be embraced by users. As AXS soared on the daily chart on August 24, the token drew traders’ attention to the new launch.

The Axie Ecosystem’s native token, AXS, rose as a response, giving the news considerable attention among traders on August 24. However, considering the upbeat activity on AXS, concerns about the gaming industry in DeFi continue. However, considering the upbeat activity on AXS, concerns about the gaming industry in DeFi continue.

GameFi has already been impacted by the beginning of the crypto bear market despite reaching its peak in mid-2021.

Furthermore, this is further reflected in the user data Axie gathered during this period. The number of daily new addresses has decreased to under 100 in recent weeks. This means that the peak it reached in July and August of 2021 is far from now.

Price of AXS Sheds 9.41%

According to CoinMarketCap, the price of AXS has dropped by 9.41% and is currently trading at $13.39 at the time of publication. The Origin Season 0 debut boosted the AXS price, although it was only a brief rally. Despite the Axie ecosystem’s bull rally, there is still considerable doubt in the DeFi gaming business.

GameFi, which went live in mid-2021, has taken a beating since the onset of this crypto winter. Furthermore, this has impacted the growth of Axie’s customer base. However, with the addition of Season 0, the ecosystem is pushing harder to get back on track.

A big change to Origin Season 0 is the Smooth Love Potion (SLP). The Axie Infinity developers have added the SLP awards to the Origin playtime and are fully removed from the Classic (v2). While Axie Infinity struggles to draw new players, devoted gamers still support the system.

The protocol’s user base increased dramatically after Season 0 was launched on August 12. It now has 79.5K subscribers.

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