Binance Hired Former US Treasury Official For Its AML Operations

Former IRS Director Greg Mohan Karan Leng has been replaced by Binance Financial Services Manager.

The exchange announced Wednesday that Binance Exchange Cryptocurrency has already hired a US treasurer to oversee the work of combatting Money Laundering.

Mohan spent nearly 20 years in the Treasury’s criminal investigation department before replacing Kareena Ling as head of financial reporting.

He’s responsible for tax audits, financial filing, and other white-collar cases. Mohan is also the director of Deloitte.

Reflecting on previous exchanges of efforts to support high-level research, Mohan said he focused on inquiries studies and AML research, which “works closely with monitoring executives and law firms around the world.”

According to Binance, Binance’s International Fellowship and Advisory Board have grown 500% by 2020, and Binance CEO Changping Xiao said the company will make Binance and the company a haven for all concerned. He said. “The company is increasing the productivity of its employees,” said Chang Peng Xiao, CEO of Binance.

According to the announcement, Leng will be the head of the company and will commit to working with the compliance operations of the entire organization.

The company is doing more and more to convince most regulators to collaboration against money laundering, which is also pointing out the carrying out of illegal activities around the world.

Xiao recently said that the company’s website needs to be licensed everywhere. “From now on, we will be declared a proper financial institution,” he said.

After trading of leverage which was set to 20x cash, the company introduced a tax return application that allows customers to view their tax returns.

The platform is known for hiring important and qualified individuals from different places and sectors.

Binance hired former HSBC director Tina Becker Taylor last year to expand into the UK and European markets. It has since been known that HSBC UK stopped credit card transactions to Binance.

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