Binance Smart Chain’s BSCPAD Makes Its Entry Into the Market, Overhauling the IDO Model

Newly released, BSCPAD is the first-ever decentralized IDO platform to be born in the Binance Smart Chain Network.

As of now, the platform has had a successful launch with trade volumes of over $300 Million and more than 17,000 active token holders. The platform has been contacted by more than 40 projects in hopes of partnership opportunities, making the platform already reach Diamond Class. BSCPAD, fully known as Binance Smart Chain Launch Pad, is available on Pancakeswap exchange, with support for more coming in the future.

BSCPAD is a platform that is designed to give crypto-based projects the power they need to conduct the efficient distribution of tokens while also increasing liquidity in the process. Traders and investors will have a chance to invest in the top tier projects on the Binance Smart Chain. The platform uses a smart system that tries to incentivize all kinds of traders and investors who get their hands on the token. The system rewards them regardless of what their nature is, whether it be bots or humans.

Fairness and Equality

BSCPAD platform works on an FCFS type of service technique in which anyone who is fast enough to get into the white list will be treated accordingly to their entry number, even the bots. Although this might be a struggle for human traders and investors, who are obviously not capable of automated bots, the platform will continue to monitor activity on the network and then act accordingly if the bot support gets out of control. Pancakeswap has an antibot system implemented on the platform, which will reduce the number of bots trying to participate, giving both sides an equal chance to participate, where other IDO’s use the random lottery service, BSCPAD intends to treat everyone fairly according to their entry number just like a line system in ticketing booths.

The platform also has a two rounded system, which helps all types of traders and investors, whether rich or poor, to get assigned a spot. The system is completely void of any luck-based strategies and works on providing an equal and fair chance to participate on the platform while also making the distribution of rewards scaled on the value of tokens held.

The platform has backed by some serious partners, including Danish Chaudhry from, Lester Lim from X21 Digital and many others, giving the platform developers the confidence they need to run such a huge project. The co-founder of BCSPAD, Godzilla, has been showing a positive attitude. He thinks that this system of fair treatment will become one of the best features that the platform has to offer.

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