Bitcoin Achieves Another Milestone By Becoming World’s Greatest Portable Asset During End 2020 Quarter

The combined study of Bitstamp and Arcane Research finds Bitcoin world’s greatest portable asset during the end quarter of 2020. The study reveals that because of its “portability”, Bitcoin is being overwhelmingly used as a collateral asset.

Breaking records and achieving milestones for Bitcoin is as easy as pie. Recently, Bitcoin has been labelled as the greatest portable asset in the entire world. The title hasn’t been awarded to it by any Bitcoin fan but in fact it has been revealed in a recent study conducted by an independent researcher/analyst.

A collective report-cum-study has been compiled by Bitstamp and Arcane Research regarding Bitcoin and its uniqueness. The report has duly been published and is a public document, the copy of which can be availed by anyone from the general public.

The study revealed that in the end quarter of 2020, Bitcoin was the top asset that was used by people as a collateral asset. It was noted in the study that during this quarter, a total of 420,000 Bitcoins (BTC) were utilized within the borrowing market in the form of loans. When the study compared this figure with Bitcoin’s last year performance, it noted that the figure was almost half i.e. 213,000 in 2019. Since 2019 till to date the change noted by the study is exactly the double.

The study also compared Bitcoin with traditional assets such as securities and government bonds. It was found out by the researchers that Bitcoin easily knocked both traditional assets and elevated above without any fair competition. Researchers further noted that in contrast with bonds and securities, they found Bitcoin to be free from credit and counterparty risks.

They further stated that Bitcoin trading remained available to the masses globally throughout the year without any interruption. However, the trading for securities and governmental bonds was found suspended at several times in 2020.

The study also revealed that the users of Bitcoin find it better than fiat for many reasons. It was explained that since Bitcoin transactions can be instantaneously at any time as well as without paying anything. Therefore, it is becoming a popular mode of sending and receiving money across the globe. The unique properties prevalent in Bitcoin are nowhere to be found in any particular assets, other than cryptocurrencies.

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