Bitcoin Allowed Everyone to Earn and Raise Sky-high Vaults, Says Crypto Expert

Bitcoin investment has allowed its investors to have developed huge vaults of monies since 2020. But the benefits of Bitcoin were not only availed of by Bitcoiners alone. In fact, it provided earning opportunities for those even who weren’t associated with the accustomed financial system.

These facts have been duly recorded and shared further by Meltem Demirors, an acclaimed crypto expert, with CNBC. Her comments were received one day prior to the occurrence of one of the most awaited crypto events i.e. Coinbase’s listing with NASDAQ.

Demirors informed CNBC that according to her Coinbase’s becoming a member of NASDAQ is the event of the century. She said that she hasn’t seen a company as big as Coinbase suddenly transform into a totally different thing altogether. She stated that she is still surprised to see that Coinbase kept what it had promised for i.e. a day later will be a public listed entity.

She further stated that Bitcoin was the biggest traded asset of 2020 and it was heavily traded from the platform of Coinbase. The majority of 2020’s crypto investments were found to be for Bitcoin and almost all major Bitcoin trade transactions were executed by Coinbase. For instance, the biggest investment of Tesla of US$ 1.5 Billion into Bitcoin was rendered through Coinbase. The firm has in fact achieved what none has achieved and that too in the shortest time possible.

But with developing piles of money bags for exchanges and creating massive vaults for individuals/institutions, Bitcoin remained favorable for the unorthodox sector as well. A sector that was not even familiar with old ways i.e. traditional system of financials. She commented that to her Bitcoin helped also those people who were neither acquainted with accustomed finance nor were they ever money managers.

Demirors didn’t hesitate to tell CNBC that when she became a Bitcoiner, Bitcoin was traded at its highest value ever. She told that back in those days Bitcoin’s highest was US$150/- and this was the rate at which she had acquired Bitcoins for herself. She is amongst those people who had bought their Bitcoins at times when Bitcoin was in its initial stage and relatively valueless.

While she was still being interviewed when news came suggesting Bitcoin breaking its ATH record i.e. US$ 63,000 on 13th April. She said that as we speak, Bitcoin is busy filling up the pockets of already rich and average as well. This is why she has strong faith that those who had fewer amounts are now holding fair amounts of money. Those who invested big are now able to able to raise huge vaults full of money, explained Demirors.

She said in the end that although she didn’t want to she has to agree to some extent with Bitcoin bullish individuals. She said that Bitcoin for a million is may be possible but in the recent future.

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