Bitcoin Futures Trading Reportedly Debuted by Eurex

AS per the latest reports, Eurex has made an announcement for the cryptocurrency community in Germany. Eurex is reportedly owned by Deutsche Boerse, which is a stock market operator from Germany, and it exists as a derivatives exchange.

The derivatives exchanges have announced that it has launched derivatives for cryptocurrencies. Now, the investors will be able to trade in cryptocurrency derivatives. The firm has revealed that the cryptocurrency derivatives have been backed by the Bitcoin exchange-traded note, which is from ETC Group.

The official announcement related to the launch of Bitcoin ETN Futures was made by Eurex on Monday, September 13, 2021. The firm has revealed that the contract for Bitcoin ETN Futures has been issued by ETC Group, which is a cryptocurrency derivatives issuer from the United Kingdom.

Eurex officials released a statement in regards to launching the next product for its clients and investors. The firm revealed that adding the Bitcoin ETN Futures product is just one of many products and projects they are aiming to add to their portfolio.

The officials predicted that over the course of time, they will be adding many more products and services to their portfolio for cryptocurrency derivatives. With the launch of the Bitcoin ETN Futures, Eurex has taken the lead in launching a regulated service connected with Bitcoin in the European market.

It has been revealed that the contract for ETN Futures will be euro-denominated and will be based on the flagship product powered by the ETF Group. The name of the particular ETC product is BTCetc Physical Bitcoin (BTCE). It is prominently known as the Bitcoin exchange-traded product (ETP), which is centrally cleared.

With the help of the futures contract, it will be extremely easy and convenient for the users/investors to keep a track of Bitcoin price trends. The investors won’t be required to interact with the actual Bitcoin markets in order to know the price trends for the digital asset.

The users will be able to benefit from the Bitcoin trends and prices in a regulated manner, without having to deal with the digital asset. However, the investors can rest assured that the BTCE will be fully backed by Bitcoin, so they will be making actual benefits from the Bitcoin price surges.

Bradley Duke, the CEO at ETC Group talked about the launch of the latest Bitcoin Futures Trading service by Eurex. Duke stated that the launch of Bitcoin Futures Trading has marked another milestone for the cryptocurrency industry. The cryptocurrency industry has been gaining tremendous growth both in the decentralized industry as well as the regulated industry.

Duke stated that they are confident that more derivatives trading platforms will be launched for other cryptocurrencies in the due course. This would bring even more adoption for cryptocurrencies in a regulated manner.

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