Bitcoin’s Value in 2021 is Expected to be US$ 288 K, Suggests Plan B

The infamous Plan B which developed Bitcoin variable program called “stock-to-flow” or which is widely also known as “S2F”, suggests that Bitcoin is going to elevate above the S2F model. Says that the value of Bitcoin will increase by at least 26% till the end of 2021 making it US$ 288,000 per coin.

S2F is currently used to determine the exact quantity of Bitcoin in trade, in circular and the remaining numbers of Bitcoins to be mined. It provides smart charting which contains these figures and is widely used by crypto trading platforms and miners as well. However, amongst the Bitcoiner though S2F is a popular source of knowing where Bitcoin stands, but the model is rather known as being infamous.

For the majority of crypto fans, the model has been precise, consistent, and in consonance with the trajectories determined by Plan B.

At the end of 2020, Plan B told the general audience that it has no doubts over Bitcoin and its future growth. It claimed that the model it had projected regarding Bitcoin was found 100% spot on and correct.

As per its new prediction, Plan B was of the considered view that Bitcoin’s price would be enormous by the end of the present year. According to Plan B, it suggested that Bitcoin’s rally would take its value to US$ 100 K very soon. However, the rally would not end till the end of the year by such time Bitcoin’s value would be over US$ 288,000, said Plan B.

It was further revealed by Plan B that it has fresh data and statistics which proves that the prediction would be inevitable. Plan B provided rationale saying that there is an acute shortage in the supply of Bitcoin. But the value of Bitcoin was working at least 26% above the projector determined in the S2F model.

Plan B also was found to be Bullish regarding Bitcoin over the Twitter website. It was found posting messages which talked about 2019’s S2F plan to suggest that it was spot on. It was tweeted that when Plan B developed and launched the S2F model, it was in the month of March in 2019. Since then, whatever was predicted in the model was more or less the same that occurred during the course of time.

Plan B also blasted S&P 500 and said that it was the world’s most unnecessary chart pertaining to Bitcoin.

According to S&P 500’s charts, it predicted Bitcoin’s value for just US$ 4,000/-.

The founder of the S2F model also held a public voting in February 2021 from the platform of Twitter. It received more than 50 thousand votes in which people were asked as to what would be the price of Bitcoin at the end of 2021. The majority of voters voted for US$ 288 K and did not agree to other projected values i.e. US$ 100 K and US$ 500 K.

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