Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Expert Wayne Almeida Joins Coinsilium

Wayne Almeida has finally joined crypto platform Coinsilium with immediate effect as a non-executive director. Almeida first started working in the corporate services and trust sector in Gibraltar. After exiting Gibraltar, he moved on to the fiduciary group, where he joined in 2014. In 2017, he became a director in the group and soon moved on to creating the cryptocurrency and blockchain department for the group. Eventually, he began to lead the new initiative as well.

His new initiative offered a variety of services that were unique to the cryptocurrency space. More specifically, they provide directorship, company secretarial, and trust services to companies that might need it in the crypto marketplace.

Coinsilium also made a public statement about their new deal with Almeida. They said that he will be addressing boards of directors on a variety of matters. Usually he will offer them advice on a variety of matters that involve the crypto market. He will also be discussing the very serious subject of regulation and corporate governance amongst the other directors. By giving them a more comprehensive look of the market, Almeida is preparing them for a future that will be deeply integrated into crypto.

Almeida is a man of many trades and has integrated himself in a variety of other companies and boards. He is currently a member of the IOV Labs Limited Board of Directors. IOV labs are the parent company of RSK, which was the Bitcoin network’s first pick for a smart contract platform. Since Bitcoin can be quite picky about their smart contract platforms, it just shows that they were the best in their respective fields.

The Bitcoin network also secured the RSK infrastructure framework as well as the Globalsky labs limited. Globalsky labs limited also goes by the name of the Vega Protocol, which an essential part of the entire structure. It is capable of creating and trading derivatives on a fully decentralized network. This means that the entire system could possibly collapse with this very essential cog in the machine.

The Chief Executive of Coinsilium, Eddy Travia, also spoke about Wayne Almeida eventually joining their ranks. He said that Wayne is a popular financial services professional who has incredible knowledge and experience in the crypto field. He continued tha they are looking forward to seeing what Wayne bring to the table, as the company makes this new exiting turn in their history. They will be working on their strategies throughout the open finance sectors as well as NFTs. And they will mainly be trading with their Gibraltar based partners and subsidiaries.  Overall, it is looking like the plan will go forward without a hitch.

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