BlockWRK Introduces Smart Contract Employee Rewards Scheme

Employee management experts, BlockWRK, have recently introduced a new program that will provide employees with instant benefits for their hard work and performance.

Employee Benefit Program

With this new program, employers will get a chance to provide their employees with certain benefits if they manage to maintain the respective standards and be productive. With the help of BlockWRK’s Smart Contract-based scheme, employees will be provided with rewards if they successfully meet health, security and performance standards. Rewards include the WRK token, which is an ERC-20 token that holds the title of becoming the world’s first-ever cryptocurrency to have been successfully approved by the feds, introduced back in 2019 by the Bermuda Minister of Finance. By utilizing the BlockWRK application, registered employers are directed to gather up at least $10 worth of WRK Tokens for every individual employee on a monthly basis.

Instant Rewards

A great advantage of this new scheme is that, unlike traditional rewards and bonuses, employees do not have to wait for their rewards or bonuses to show up at a later time and will receive their respective rewards instantly when they make a significant contribution to their company. With the power of Layer 2 Technology, both employers and employees can take advantage of the instant processing of payments.

BlockWRK App’s Telehealth Feature

The Smart contracts feature will enable automatic rewards for employees who take advantage of the telehealth feature in the BlockWRK application when tackling issues such as workspace stress and other forms of hazards. Registered and licensed counsellors for mental health issues are available for consultancy in order to make sure that employees working are in their best mental health. The application is also capable of discovering any sort of muscle or joint injury, automatically alerting registered licensed orthopaedic specialists using the power of AI.

24/7 Medical assistance for any type of injury or issue is available on the BlockWRK application’s telehealth feature. The application provides a great way for employers to save on money that would otherwise have been used for inexpensive private hospital visits of employees. Users of the app can utilize the power of smart contracts to have the ability to request advances of up to $200 worth of WRK tokens, with a small fee of $5.

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