Bogdanoff Twins try to Crack the Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin Myth

The world we live in today is full of controversies, myths and conspiracy theories, and whatnot. Science and technology have no doubt helped crack many myths of the past. However, there are still some which might need to unfold still. One of them is who invented or created the first-ever original cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin. As per credible internet sources, the domain named had registered in 2009 under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto. Satoshi Nakamoto is a pseudonym of either one person or a group of people who created Bitcoin. The real identity still seems to be a myth.

Recently, the famous Bogdanoff twins have claimed for partaking in the creation of Bitcoin. Over a telephonic interview with “L’Heure des Pros”, the twins stated that they assisted in creating the Bitcoin with Satoshi Nakamoto. They said, “Both were able to take part in the explanation of some of its source code as mathematicians”.

This claim surfaced after the circulation of a meme over the internet. It shows one of the Bogdanoff twins over the phone instructing to launch a crypto-market dump.

Grichka and Igor Bogdanoff have been believed to have the powers to handle the crypto market. This started after this meme went viral over the internet a few years ago that showed one of the Bogdanoffs telling to dump the market, over the phone.

They also recently emerged on ‘Non Stop People’ a French TV channel, where they said that they’ve also seen that meme. Probably Satoshi Nakamoto got something to do with the meme going so viral, they further explained.

Many know that the Bognadoff brothers are renowned for their scientific tv show “Temps-x”. The popular twins are well-educated public figures. Grichka holds a doctorate in Mathematics while his brother Igor holds a doctorate in theoretical physics. Since the 70’s they have been scientific authors.

They recently explained in an interview how had they worked with an outstanding Japanese scientist named Soïtchiro Shimoda and Francois Mizzi, the touchscreen inventor. The twins, candidly believe that Shimoda was definitely involved with that mythical group/person who is (are) inventors of the Bitcoin. They even further claimed that back in 2008, two “early bitcoins” were presented to them as well. They say that in the old days they frequently used to discuss crypto asset and blockchain concepts with Shimoda.

Grichka told the interviewer: “As mathematicians, I and Igor were able to participate in the elaboration of Bitcoin’s source code, the ‘predictive code’, specifically.” In these interviews, they also further unveiled that had owned Ehereum in the past.” They will also be launching a new cryptocurrency called ‘Exo coin’ in the future, the twins added.

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