Bulgarian Bureau Of Investigation Claims Death Of Globally Notorious ‘Cryptoqueen’

‘Cryptoqueen’ May Have Died Long Ago

One of the world’s highly notorious crypto Ponzi schemes was ‘Onecoin’ which was primarily founded by Ruja Ignatova.

Once it was revealed that Onecoin was a crypto pyramid scheme that looted billions from investors, Ignatova disappeared with all the money.

It was about four years ago in 2018 when Onecoin’s founder escaped and was later given the title of ‘Cryptoqueen’.

To this day, she is wanted in numerous states for the financial crimes she had committed through the platform of Onecoin. She was known for being the mastermind of a major rug pull that left many investors out of pocket.

There have been many theories regarding Cryptoqueen. For instance, it is claimed that she is hiding somewhere in Europe. Some say she has taken shelter in a remote town located somewhere in Africa.

Bulgarian Bureau of Investigation Claims Cryptoqueen Died In 2018

However, a new theory emerged from an official department of Bulgaria and was later covered in the local and international media.

It has been claimed by Bureau for Investigative Reporting and Data of Bulgari on their website that Cryptoqueen had died long ago.

The news briefing from Bureau’s website further claimed that Cryptoqueen was killed in November 2018 after she disappeared. For a long time, it was thought by the authorities that she was alive.

They were under the impression that she was alive and was running away from them. However, the authorities revealed that she had tied almost five years ago, which is why there was no trace of her.

To support its claim, the Bureau has further claimed to have evidence of her death. The Bureau said that the evidence was collected during an investigation that involved the killing of a Bulgarian police officer.

It is the narrative of the Bureau that the deceased head of Police in Sofia was killed last year in 2022. When the house of the deceased policeman was searched, the investigators found a safe box containing a report from a police informant.

This informant report proves that Cryptoqueen was brutally slaughtered on her personal yacht in the middle of the Ionian ocean.

The report further claimed that Cryptoqueen’s body was brutally cut into pieces and then dumped into the middle of the sea.

It has been pointed out in the informant’s report that her killing was done on the orders of an unknown drug lord.

Inquiries Pertaining To Evidence

The news item also claimed that the informant report’s contents were shared by Bureau with the Office of the City Prosecutor. However, the office responded that the document cannot be used as evidence as it was unsigned.

In addition, the office further noted that the name of the report’s author was missing and hence the authenticity of the evidence was doubtful.

Similarly, City Prosecutor’s office told Bureau that the alleged evidence cannot be witnessed as the possessor was also killed.

What Prosecutor’s office meant was that the document seized by the Bureau would not be admissible as evidence.

Neither the document is signed nor does it show who has authored the report. Eventually, the Court is very likely to reject the document immediately.

Cryptoqueen – A Mystery Unsolved

It has now been more than four years that not a single undisputed clue has emerged with regard to Cryptoqueen.

Onecoin was founded in 2014 and continued to defraud people for four consecutive years till 2018.

In between these four years, the fraudulent firm successfully brought on board over 3 million consumers from across the globe. The platform further raised over $4 Billion and not even a single penny was left behind by Ignatova.

To this day, she is one of the biggest mysteries in the crypto industry and was last seen alive reportedly on 25th October 2017. At that time she was seen arriving at Athens Airport.

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