Can Solana (SOL) Validators Help Traders Earn Lucrative Returns?

Solana is among the multiple blockchains that have concentration carbon neutrality. That remains a vital consideration as climate change gains more attention. Unsurprisingly, the latest energy consumption report showed an increased carbon footprint.

It increased by 26% year-on-year between March 2021 and March 2022. The result remained against the platform’s plans for reduced lower carbon footprints. The report highlighted several facets that impact changes within Solana’s carbon emission data. They included enhanced data accuracy & surged e-waste because of hardware production & power usage by validators nodes.

Research shows SOL validator node energy usage plummeted by approximately 48%. Solana perceives this as among the sectors that could help decline its carbon print. It stated that running the Solana blockchain for one hour utilizes less power than a single BTC transaction.

The firm acknowledged the role of its network in ensuring increased sustainability. Furthermore, it recognized the validator’s importance in this move. The ecosystem called validators to remain active in reducing emissions.

Meanwhile, lower carbon print and energy efficiency remain crucial in the blockchain’s future. That holds for the entire blockchain industry. A sustainable and highly efficient blockchain platform will be massively attractive to potential decentralized applications. That means the platform’s carbon print could substantially affect its utility and adoption.

Solana’s Past

A higher utility level might trigger massive price action. In that context, Solana will require more than an impressive carbon print to back SOL’s performance. While publishing this content, the alternative token traded at $31.69, dropping about 3.82% within the past week.

Solana’s current price stays near its 2022 lowest mark, indicating underperformance throughout this year. Meanwhile, that had SOL joined the poorest-performance list in Q3. Its performance shows declined interest over the past few months, regardless of its discount.

That could have resulted from the previous problems that impacted the platform’s operations. Solana will have to do more to reclaim investor confidence, and a reduced carbon print may not cut it.

Meanwhile, the crypto market stayed downbeat. Bitcoin changed hands at $18,949 during this publication, dropping 1.61% within the past day. The leading crypto should climb towards $20K for near-term relief.

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