Cardano (ADA) Is Expected To Get Completely Decentralized Very Soon

Working on Cardano (ADA), crypto research and development company IOHK has managed to include a unique feature into the ADA Blockchain, which now enables Cardano to host assets using other blockchains free of any smart contracts.

This advancement to the Cardano (ADA) Blockchain was made possible by the activation of the Mary hard fork, converting ADA into a multiple chain network supporting all sorts of interactions with other blockchains with similar asset tokens.

The vital players in Cardano’s market have shared and discussed many future plans regarding the next steps of Cardano utilizing the Mary hard fork functionality to its fullest, achieving even more milestones. According to blockchain analyst Vladislav Sopov, the new Mary hard fork update will help the Cardano blockchain to host tokens from other blockchains natively, without the need for any code customization and tinkering.

This feature is economically very beneficial for Cardano as it not only reduces the development cost but also adds a much modern and up-to-date method for multi-blockchain interactions in the system. Assets from other blockchains that act very much like ADA coins from Cardano are surely going to benefit a lot from this new functionality, having early support from the blockchain.

The Main Mission Is Decentralization

In terms of the complete decentralization of Cardano (ADA), well-established blockchain-based platforms such as Celsius Network and AI-powered network, SingularityNET will be working on Cardano (ADA), aiding the blockchain to the decentralized path.

The product director at IOHK has stated that they expect to see Cardano being used for its superior functionalities and the utility it provides. Native tokens play a vital part in the deployment of smart contracts that can enable businesses and developers to gain benefits such as a much stronger enforced security system, system flexibility, and lower development costs, setting the foundations for a much better relationship with Cardano. This will also help Cardano (ADA) become an even more recognized asset in the market, attracting more users, developers and investors.

The workforce at IOHK is confident that Cardano (ADA) will soon reach 100% decentralization by the end of March, with the governing authority also shifting to ADA staking pools accordingly. These staking pools have a lot of importance since, at the time of the reporting, almost 90% of the Cardano blockchain is handled by community-based staking pools.

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