Cardano Will Give $10k In Rewards To Hackers With The Launch Of Bug Bounty Program

Recently, a massive reward of up to $10,000 is up for grabs for hackers who are willing to participate in the Bug Bounty initiative, which had been created via a partnership with Cardano (ADA) and HackerOne. The goal of this program is to test for any and all performance-related problems which could end up leading to huge security vulnerabilities and potential exploitations.

The move also comes as a response to the rapidly increasing cyber-attacks, scams, and other hack-related schemes which continue to plague the crypto and DeFi industry. Many cryptocurrency exchanges, blockchain networks and protocols have already fallen victim to such attacks, and Cardano could be a big target due to its prominent position within the industry and market. As such, the Cardano Foundation has decided to be proactive on this front and initiate the aforementioned first-ever Bug Bounty program.

Huge opportunity for hackers

As alluded to previously, hackers may be eligible to receive a maximum of $10,000 for every fault that they can find in the event that a crucial Cardano node is indeed compromised. Furthermore, hackers may earn a maximum of $7,500 if such a glaring issue is discovered regarding Cardano-Wallet. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for hackers to not only earn a lot of money but to simultaneously help Cardano cover all of its bases and tie up any loose ends before the imminent Alonzo hard fork on September 12th, 2021.

HackerOne, the global hacker community that Cardano has teamed up with to launch this program, has offices in several locations across the globe, including Singapore, the Netherlands, New York and the United Kingdom. HackerOne is also considered to be the most prominent security partner worldwide that is entirely powered by hackers. Past successes for the community include discoveries of more than 250,000 genuine and credible vulnerabilities, all of which were successfully disclosed.

How will the program be of any benefit?

For the next few months, the Bug Bounty initiative shall depend on ethical and benevolent hackers as well as meticulous processes from the abovementioned HackerOne community in an attempt to ensure that Cardano’s blockchain continues to be as safe and reliable as possible for the future.

Moreover, should any critical issues with Cardano’s codebase be identified, then the hackers will be asked to investigate the issue further in order to see if there is the potential for an attack or the existence of a significant vulnerability. The goal would thus be to discover and hopefully fix these glaring issues (if any are found) before a disastrous incident can occur.

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