Chainlink’s Protocol Will Not Support ETH’s PoW Forks

The Ethereum network is leaping for the upcoming merge in September. This merge would mark Ethereum’s transition from the PoW consensus mechanism to the PoS. 

Meanwhile, as the crypto community awaits the Merge, several players in the industry are making plans. Among them is the popular protocol, Chainlink.

Chainlink Will Not Support Forked Versions Of ETH’s Blockchain 

According to the report on August 8th, the team has taken future steps as it awaits the merge. The report said it would not support ETH’s PoW forks and other forked versions of the ETH blockchain.

“The Chainlink system will still be functional on ETH blockchain during the merge and post-Merge. However, users and developers should not that the protocol would not support PoW forks and forked version of ETH’s blockchain,” the report stated.

Meanwhile, the team has issued a warning to dApp teams and ETH developers. The warning goes out to those not yet confident of their next steps after the merge. 

The team told them to pause all smart contract operations. The aim is to protect users and prevent unforeseen incidents.

Also, the statement highlighted the reasons for the company’s latest decision. It said that dApps that operate on forked versions might misbehave or not function properly.

This might be due to protocol issues and application-level problems that might manifest later. According to Chainlink, this might pose a severe risk to its users. 

Forked Versions Of ETH’s Blockchain 

Furthermore, the team behind the protocol said they would keep monitoring all developments on the ETH merge. This is to ensure that Chainlink services can still rely on the platform. 

Although the PoS transition is a welcome development due to its low energy usage, not all factions in the cryptocurrency ecosystem are in support. Some have voiced their displeasure against the Merge. 

As a result, they proposed a forked version of the Ethereum blockchain. The aim is to preserve Ethereum’s present PoW after the Merge in September. 

However, Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of the cryptocurrency, did not show any concern. He said the idea is coming from those outside the platform who want quick money.

Meanwhile, Buterin has shown support for the Ethereum Classic, 2016’s hard fork version of Ethereum. He said he does not expect the hard fork to last long, although it has a large community of supporters.

Furthermore, the Ethereum co-founder said the network could accommodate all PoW miners. He also said Ethereum Classic is a fine chain. According to Finbold, Buterin’s support is among the reasons for the price rally and capital inflow of the token. 

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