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Coinibank is an online trading platform dedicated to cryptocurrency trading, if you don’t have time or knowledge enough for day trading Coinibank is a good choice for you as the broker offers investment account with auto trading technology. You can sign up with Coinibank in the link below or read our full Coinibank review to learn more.

Coinibank Review

Although online trading has been around for quite some time, the boost that it has experienced has just recently started. With this field getting crowded, the need for brokers has dramatically increased too, and Coinibank is one of them. However, choosing the right broker is the main issue, and that is why this Coinibank review will highlight the features you should look for in a broker. As time has passed gradually, online trading has started becoming more mainstream. Many people are inspired by those who have gained success through online trading and want to pursue a career in the trading field.

Those that have been really successful in online trading would agree to the fact that a good, experienced and knowledgeable broker is a key factor in their successful careers. It is them that advise you on the necessary steps you should take, laced with wisdom that they have earned over the course of their careers too. But it is not that easy to find really experienced and genuine brokers. A lot of times, instead of helping you succeed, they become the reason that you lose huge amounts of investment. No matter what point of your career you are at, any sort of loss is not good. Especially if you’re a beginner because when you are new to the playing field, these losses can result in major damage, it is important to start off strong and experienced.

Despite the fact that the market is full of brokers, finding one that fills all the criteria and provides you with the means to increase your investments is tough. However, Coinibank is one of a kind. It has become really popular for being one of the best in the market. People really like Coinibank for investments and trading, and in this article, you will find out why.

Coinibank Introduction

Coinibank is one of the leading brokers in the market currently. It provides its clients with a chance to trade in both CFDs and forex, which is a rare thing in the market as only a few brokers provide various options for trading. Coinibank consists of various traders that excel in their field and are really experienced despite the platform being relatively new. Though it might not be as old as some other brokers, it makes up for it by the success and benefits that it provides to its clients.

Now let’s discuss the factors that distinguish Coinibank from the rest of the brokers in the online trading market.

Assets to Trade 

When choosing a broker, it is crucial that they are flexible to work with.  This means that the broker also gives ease in you having some sort of independence when making decisions. It also includes choosing what assets you want to trade. Coinibank offers around 300 trading assets that you can choose from despite the fact that they are all from different financial markets. Choose a broker like Coinibank because they allow you the freedom and independence to decide which trading asset would suit you best.

At this platform, they also provide easy access to currency pairs of Forex, which include EUR/USD, CHF/JPY, AUD/CAD, NZD/USD, and GBP/USD. They also offer chances to trade in indices that consist of more than 100 options to choose from. On their platform, clients can also trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins and Ethereum.

Benefits of their Trading Platform

Brokers are the bridge between traders and contractors, buyers and sellers, as they help to make deals happen. Without them, it’s nearly impossible for the process to be so smooth and easy. They are also a link to a platform through which the trader is provided with many things. These include trading, research on the market, and tracking your trade rate. Brokers are, therefore, a must thing for you because they provide you with the means to achieve whatever your trading goals are more easily. Choosing the right broker, the right platform can change everything. It can be exactly what your trading career might need and what you might need to grasp the success you have wanted for so long. Coinibank is the platform that can provide exactly that, as it has its own individual platform, which is online and internet-based, and there are no specific applications linked to it.

Coinibank has worked really hard on establishing a user-friendly interface so that the customers can experience ease while using the platform. The process is quicker, smoother, and has a flow to it. Through this development, trading is made easier, payments go through faster and are not a hassle anymore. There are also a couple of things that are really important when choosing a broker or platform, which are signals and indicators. These basically signify trading tools that can help and assist you in trading better. Along with a web-based platform, they have also created applications that iOS or Android users can download. This application helps to manage your trading offers whilst you are away from your homes or do not have the time to be using the internet. This sort of shortcut enables Coinibank users to have access to their trading platforms at all times, no matter where they are. Through this, you can be connected to your broker constantly and rely upon them whenever you want.

Their website is also designed in a simple yet effective manner. It consists of a front-page that introduces the users to their platform. They have multiple banners which are very appealing and represent their services properly. On the front cover, they have a banner that displays the rates of some of the trending assets. It does this in a captivating manner so the customers can easily see. They also have top trades, popular trends, and financial news displayed so that the clients are aware and can be informed easily and quickly.

Trading Signals

I lightly mentioned that signals and indicators are also trading tools that help a lot. Now a lot of times, those that are new to trading are not really aware of the significance of trading signals. They are a key factor in trading because they are made once all the cryptocurrencies and assets have been analyzed technically. These assets, cryptocurrencies, and all belong to several different financial markets. The key role of trading signals is that they assist our traders in determining which one to choose, for instance, which asset would grant you the most bonuses. A trading signal helps to choose which from going long or short is ideal in terms of trade, and nearly everyone uses these as they help in achieving trades that are a great success. So if you are interested in taking your trading career to the next level, then choose Coinibank because their trading signals are one of the best. In the market, there are many professionals that create it by different methods.

As the demand is also increasing gradually for trading signals, the price for them is increasing too. Sometimes, when a broker does have trading signals, they charge a lot for it. In these cases, what often happens is that the trader has to then find someone else to buy the trading signal off from, which is a costly and long process. At times, platforms do not have trading signals to offer, but Coinibank is one of a kind.

Coinibank is once again one of those brokers that provide trading signals easily and accessibly on their website. The signals help the trader decide whether they should buy or sell, and it indicates what move would result in better success and allow you to analyze whether it is correct or not. Those that get the hang of it and understand how to use trading signals can be considered professional. It is also very important to note that the notion that only beginners use these signals is wrong. The majority of the people that use it are professionals, and it is a skill to learn how to utilize a trading tool in order to decide whether to buy or sell.

Accounts that are available

The first step in order to work with any broker is to make an account first. This helps establish that you are a real person and have an official identity. Depending upon different brokers, you can get offers for your new account. Coinibank has always been very focused on ensuring that you are provided with all the options possibly available. They offer six types of accounts in total; these are basic, standard, silver, gold, platinum, and VIP. To unlock the minimum account, it costs around $250, whereas to unlock VIP, it is $50,000. When you unlock an account, no matter which one, you can get a bonus, but for each account, the level of the bonus varies.

Other than bonuses, there are other features too which can be unlocked with an account; for instance, in all of the accounts, you have a chance to get customer support, training or education, and an account manager. There are some features that are exclusive and can only be unlocked at higher account types. The features can range from an analyst for trading sessions to trading alerts. They also allow you the freedom and independence to choose which account suits you best.

Verification steps 

Verification is a very important step. It ensures that everything will remain secure and private for you and others too. This is the step that recognizes an individual and accepts them as an individual who is authentic. If these platforms were to allow people to start working with them without verifying them first, that could lead to potential scams. It would allow people to make multiple accounts and do other stuff, too possibly. Thus, verification is a must, and they confirm a person’s identity by asking for any official document. The first part includes submitting a document that states the government recognizes you, such as a passport or national ID card. The second part includes providing any document that would confirm your name and address, such as any utility bill.

Secondly, as an extra layer of security, Coinibank has also implemented certain policies. There are two of these, and they are called the KYC and AML security policies. They ensure that no one obstructs any security by taking advantage of the platform. KYC stands for knowing your customer and basically ensures that without authentication, you would not be allowed to start. AML stands for Anti-Money laundering, and it prevents any corrupt methods from damaging the platform in order to get illegal money. These two policies are extremely important because they regulate the website for any activity that could potentially be a harm to the owner, users, and the market.

Distribution of money 

Brokers are really good at using traders to constantly keep their work going. At times brokers only work with traders just so that they can profit from them whilst ruining the career of the trader. Therefore, it is very important that you are aware of these factors before you make a deal official with the broker. Now it is obvious that a broker will charge you, and their goal is to make a profit through you. But there are two methods that they can do this. The first one is that you would have to pay them a commission on every trade that you participate in. Also, this varies depending upon the stage that the trader is at. The commissions gradually increase, so let’s say you’re at a beginner stage, the commission per trade won’t be as much as when you become a professional.

The second method that brokers can charge is through a process called spreads. When you trade, there is a significant amount between the buying price and the selling price of an asset. The trades are usually carried out through the broker, and the difference between buying and selling brackets is what he earns. That is how they get their profits.

A leverage system also helps determine the distribution of money and profits between the broker and trader. Initially, some brokers offer a leverage of 1:2, which might seem appealing to some people, such as beginners but in reality, this is a bad offer. It means that you cannot profit as much, and when your profits are limited and very slow, it poses a threat to future investment and trades. However, Coinibank has proven to be the perfect option as a broker because it provides a 1:5 leverage which grants the trader with fast and huge profits.

Coinibank is one of the platforms that use this method of spreads to get profits. But it is the only form of payment to them because other than this, they do not charge. Coinibank regards its customers highly and only wants them not to get ripped off. That is why they have chosen the second method of payment because it ensures that the trader will not lose their own profits. After all, it is the trader who should ultimately be profiting off the broker, and if the broker started charging commissions, it would result in a loss. This is why Coinibank is one of the best in the market because they offer their clients the ‘tightest spreads,’ which basically means that the amount in between the buying and selling price of an asset is not huge at all. This ensures that the trader is the ultimate one who gets to benefit because they are the ones who get the majority of the profits.

The asset index is very broad

In order to maximize your success and really experience the freedom and benefits that this field provides, it is important to choose a broker and platform that provide you with a lot of opportunities to invest and trade-in. Two of the most common and valuable cryptocurrencies in the market are Bitcoin and Ethereum, they hold a lot of significance, but there are other cryptocurrencies too which hold value.

Some brokers only offer bitcoin as an asset to trade and exchange in, however, there are many other options available. This includes Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin cash, and they are all just as valuable. Once again, these factors make Coinibank better than the rest as a broker and platform for trading cryptocurrencies. They provide benefits that others do not, such as access to trade any asset you want to be given that is available in their platform.


Coinibank has proven to be a leading broker; as a platform, it has worked really hard to maintain its reputation and continuously improve its standard. Over time, it has managed to add to its list of successful features that provide the clients an extremely good experience. Their trading careers improve, and they experience higher profits which also become rapid and continuous. Also, seeing as cryptocurrency is a field that is so hot right now, it is important to equip yourself with the best and most experienced traders that know the market really well. It values customer support greatly and offers features such as encryption and fund security just so that people are assured that their stuff is protected. Finding a broker that has all these features is really difficult, even though the market is filled with various brokers. This information shows that Coinibank is a really good option and can prove to be the exact thing you need to take your trading career next level.

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