Crypto Infrastructure Firm Announces Partnership with Esports Organization

The Esports organization in Sweeden, Ninjas in Pyjamas (NIP), has collaborated with Mercuryo, a crypto infrastructure firm. The deal will take effect and be announced in the Spring Finals of the Counter-Strike’s Blast Premiere, holding from 15th to 20th of June, 2021.

Hello, Gaming!

The Mercuryo team mentioned the number of the similarities between the fintech firm and esports that make the deal works out seamlessly. Part of it is the forward and positive thinking perspective and abilities to solve the problem neatly. He mentioned that these two pillars are quite crucial for both sides.

In a statement, Petr Kozyakov, the CEO of Mecuryo, said, “For the gaming industry, these skills are needed to acquire victory and are needed to drive innovation in the financial industry.” The partnership will, however, bridge any gap to share this message with customers.

The Spring Finals of the BLAST Premiere include some of the best Counter-Strike players of esports games today. The collaboration with NIP will also feature video content as the main asset, with the video content exhibiting the similarities of gaming and crypto.

Ryan Tinslay, the NIP’s Senior Manager of Strategic Partnerships, expressed his excitement about the coming campaign. He stated that the fact that cryptocurrencies are rising fast as investment and payment models is no more a secret. “This includes,” he mentioned, “the heightened availability of crypto usage across many vendors all across the globe. It still remains an area where it looks daunting for several people to get into and understand very well. This is the reason why we are collaborating with Mercuryo to give fans a chance for a low-cost, secured, and straightforward way of transferring any fiat currency to cryptocurrency.”

The Magnifier of Mercuryo

The fintech is developed to provide the crypto infrastructure that is auxiliary to providing secure, affordable, and swift money transfers. The firm has developed a series of tools around fintech and payment solutions. In addition, they are locking partnership deals.

The Ninjas in Pyjamas deal came right after the firm announced their teaming up with the 1inch Network. The deal with 1inch will see the teams streamline the onramp solutions for the Decentralized Finance customers. A main focal point for the fintech is the widget. The widget on the company site is the main tool for exchanging USD for crypto.

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