Crypto Market Today: BTC Approaches $20K, UNI, XRP & SHIB Surge Up to 12%

Reports from the Labor Department indicated that the United States consumer prices slowed in September compared to the previous month. Moreover, inflation emerged faster than what experts had forecasted. Meanwhile, the crypto market noted upsides.

Cryptocurrencies revived on Friday following inflation numbers, though still within the range before the data. Nevertheless, the crypto market recuperated from the initial cuts. Bitcoin approached the vital $20K, whereas the leading alt, Ethereum, regained the $1,300 mark. Meanwhile, sudden trading volume surges supported crypto asset gains.

All digital tokens traded higher today. Uniswap (UNI) gained over 12%, while Shina Inu and XRP surged around 7% each. BTC, ETC, and MATIC added 4% each. Meanwhile, the upsides saw the global crypto market capitalization trading 3% higher at $941.55 billion. The overall trading volume increased by over 91% to $86.66 billion.

Experts Take

The last day saw Bitcoin and altcoin rallying. That came after the United States published the latest CPI (consumer price index) data, which came higher and anticipated, according to Mudrex co-founder Edu Patel.

He added that the price movements correlated with the equity markets, though the magnitude differed as buyers joined the cryptocurrency market mid-day. Patel believes the crypto market will remain range-bound in the upcoming days.

Technical View

Uniswap was among the top-performing cryptocurrencies over the previous day, gaining an impressive 12.30%. The optimistic updates around Uniswap Labs’ series B funding saw a growing investor interest in UNI.

The recent $165 million fundraise valued the firm at a staggering $1.66 billion. The company will use the cash to introduce new services and products to ensure attractive growth for the native coin.

UNI seems like a lucrative buy during this publication. Nevertheless, enthusiasts should confirm their risk appetite when interacting with the asset. The overall crypto spectrum remains shaky amidst surged inflation figures by leading economies globally.

The crypto market is yet to regain stability. Bears remain adamant, translating to potential declines in the coming times. Nevertheless, buyers should ensure massive volumes to overcome the nearest hurdles for steady upsides.

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