Crypto Miner Company Ebang Officially Rolls Out Its Own Cryptocurrency Exchange

Chinese Bitcoin (BTC) miner company Ebang has decided to introduce the newly built digital currency exchange called Ebonex after completing a successful public testing process.

According to multiple sources on the internet, Ebang was initially registered on the Nasdaq Global Market back in mid of 2020. Ebang showed its presence to the public, showing up on the USA stock exchange, which is quite rare as only one other Chinese crypto mining company was able to get on that public level.

Ebang had an initial invite system for the testing process for its exchange at the start of 2021. The company was able to gather a lot of user feedback and work on the launch with minimal bugs and a more rigid security network. This procedure is the most important one as it also exposes any weakness in the network, which might lead to potential data breaches and exploitations.

Restricted Eligibility

As of now, only certain eligible investors and traders will be able to register and trade on the crypto exchange as the company looks to maintain a proper standard, not having to deal with inexperienced people and wasting time. Ebang has currently not described any details about the edibility criteria for investors who are looking to register on the exchange and will keep everyone posted about the details in the future.

Optimistic Remarks from the CEO

Chief Executive Officer at Ebang, Dong Hu, stated that Ebang had spent a lot of resources and money on the development of Ebonex as well as other innovative products which will be launched in the market soon. Adding to that, Dong Hu also said that Ebonex would surely help Ebang to gain a significant boost in financial status when utilizing the different income sources that emerged from the exchange by all sorts of investors who want to deal in different types of crypto. The exchange will not only generate a lot of revenue but also help in the optimization of the Ebang blockchain network as well.

At the moment, Ebonex is a good variety of tradable cryptocurrency options in the network. Supported cryptos include the king Bitcoin, followed by Ethereum, USDT, Litecoin, and many other types.

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