Crypto-Powered ATMs Locations Exceed 24K Globally

The total number of crypto-powered ATMs throughout the world has surpassed 24,000 in numbers. All these 24k machines are located in 75 countries, however, the country having the most number of crypto-powered ATMs is none other than the US.

The recent crypto boom came with the Covid-19 pandemic. On one hand, Covid-19 was affecting the world and on the other hand, crypto adoption was on the horizon. Since the end of 2019, there was also exponential growth in the installation of crypto-powered ATMs throughout the world. Crypto ATMs are a great convenience for crypto users as they can acquire or even sell their crypto assets through these machines. At first, the majority of crypto-powered AMTs were manufactured for one-way transactions i.e. purchase of crypto. However, the latest machines are capable of executing two-way transactions and now provide for the selling of virtual assets as well.

Coinatmradar is an online independent company, built and established for the purposes of keeping a track record of crypto-powered ATMs. The website has recently launched its report regarding the total number of crypto ATMs available throughout the world. The report reveals that approximately 24,022 crypto-powered ATMs are currently installed throughout the world. However, the number is growing at a rapid pace.

According to Coinatmradar’s report at least 75 countries of the world share these 24,022 machines within their locations. It was further revealed that the top three countries in terms of having such machines are the US, Canada, and the UK. It was noted in the report that the US is the top country when it comes to having crypto-enabled ATM machines. More than 90% of crypto-enabled ATMs are available only in the US. This proves that in terms of crypto adoption, the US is also the leader of the entire world.

At number two is the country of Cana where the total number of crypto ATMs is currently 1,698. While in the UK, there are only 174 crypto ATMs but still UK manages to obtain a third place in the world.

The report further talks about the global manufactures of crypto ATMs and informs that there are 42 manufacturers worldwide. However, amongst these 42 manufactures, Genesis Coin is at the top has produced and installed 9,813 crypto ATMs. Then there is this company called General Bytes which has manufactured and installed about 5,720 ATMs worldwide. At number third and fourth are the manufacturers namely Bitaccess and Coinsource with a total of 2,766 and 1,684 ATMs respectively.

As regards the biggest crypto-powered ATM operator of the world, Bitcoin Depot ranks number one under whose management are 3,793 ATMs. Similarly, the third and fourth places have been acquired by Coin Cloud and Coinflip. Both are operating around 3,793 and 2,498 ATMs each respectively.

Further machines will be installed in superstores/malls in Canada and the US suggested the report.

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