Crypto Whales moved over $500 million worth of Ether in a few hours

A significant amount of crypto tokens, specifically Ether worth $500 million, is on the move. It looks like crypto whales are moving their Ether holdings around. The blockchain tracker Whale Alert, which gives news of major crypto transactions through Twitter, made the announcement. It identified consequtive transactions showing Ether holders moving 237,419 tokens in about 10 hours.

The biggest transaction out of them all pertains to a complete Ether stash of 55,277 tokens being moved. Worth close to $129.94 million, it was sent from one anonymous wallet address to another. The wallet that made the transaction previously received more than 50,000 Ether tokens. This was its first transaction, which was 26 days ago, and it was made from a wallet that sent the entire stash as well.

This chain of events goes back as far as a year. It shows that the mastermind behind all of it is emptying wallets and transferring Ether to new locations. Besides this massive move of Ether, five crypto whales moved large droves of Ether between anonymous wallets. Two of these involved deep-pocketed account holders moving Ether from an unknown wallet to a crypto exchange. One of the transactions involved a major crypto holder transferring ether from an exchange to an anonymous wallet.

Some of the biggest Ether transactions in the last day include 36,168 Ether tokens worth over $89 million. This whopping transaction went from one unknown wallet to another. Next up a similar transaction: it was 36,168 Ether tokens that were worth $88.4 million. The sender transferred it from one anonymous wallet to another.

One crypto whale moved 33 thousand Ether tokens worth approximately $79.8 million. They were moved from one unknown wallet to another. The next one was a transaction of 25,119 Ether tokens moved from one anonymous wallet to another. It was worth $59 million. 5,891 Ether tokens were transferred from one unknown wallet to Gemini. The tokens were worth $13.9 million.

One transaction included the transfer of 33 thousand Ether tokens from one unknown wallet to another. The transferred tokens were worth $77.5 million. Some of the smaller transactions of today involve the transfer of 6,487 and 6,309 Ether tokens. The transfers were worth $15.1 million and $14.7 million respectively. In the first transaction, the Ether tokens went from an OKEx wallet to an anonymous wallet. In the other, the tokens went from an anonymous wallet to the Binance exchange. It looks like major Ether holders are moving their crypto assets between wallets for major upcoming transactions.

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