Cryptocurrency Trader Says Gaming Altcoins Are Poised To Skyrocket

The altcoin market has been experiencing a lot of success lately, and this is certainly applicable to gaming altcoins too. To this end, Austin Arnold, a crypto expert and trader, has recently listed the top gaming altcoins he believes we should keep an eye out for in 2021.

Arnold has named Decentraland (MANA) as his top pick for gaming altcoins in regards to the 2021 bull cycle. Furthermore, he also stated that his second and third picks, Atari and DG (Decentral Games) respectively, are going to be teaming up with Decentraland in order to bring about a new addition to the Decentraland network.

This new addition is said to be an in-world casino and is set to include Atari games for all to enjoy. The interesting thing about this casino, however, is that users will be able to pay using stablecoins, such as DG, ATRI, or DAI. This is certainly an unprecedented announcement, and it goes to show the popularity of crypto in other industries. This is certainly proven when both MANA and DG were going up over 200% just within the past month following the skyrocketing of the projects’ value. ATRI had also gone up by approximately 70%.

ETH also important despite not being a gaming token

Although Ethereum may be a common choice for many in the world of cryptocurrency, it is not a gaming token. Nevertheless, Arnold has talked about ETH and believes that it is nevertheless vital to the gaming industry. The reason for this inclusion is because of ETH being significantly undervalued, and also that Arnold believes Ethereum will outperform Bitcoin at some point in the near future. He went on to say that so many people are introduced to the world of cryptocurrency via gaming, NFTs or otherwise, and so most if not all of these individuals will most likely have to go through Ethereum.

Lastly, Arnold is also keeping a close eye on Enjin, Chain Games, RedFox Labs, and Game Credits as he believes that all of these will have a part to play as well in the near future. Ultimately, gaming and cryptocurrency are two industries that seem to be made for each other, as both utilize a digital landscape to offer goods and services to their customers, and both are widely popular to this day.

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