Deviation of Retail DeFi Investors from ETH Due to High Gas Fee Proves Beneficial for WINk As Its Price Soars

The retail DeFi investors are becoming more and more attracted toward WINK’s yield farming offerings because they cost less, as opposed to ETH, which has a very high gas fee. This has made many of these investors price out of Uniswap and turns to WINk (WIN).

The Popularity of Decentralized Finance

The popularity of decentralized finance has shot up massively over the past year, and a lot of analysts have stated that the summer of DeFi, 2020 was a catalyst and a major factor in the bull runs of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

In the starting phases of Uniswap, the investors could get a four-digit APY (annual percentage yield) very easily on an infinite number of enticingly priced assets. This led to increased traffic on Uniswap’s Ethereum platform, and the surge in demand eventually drove up the gas costs in a very unsustainable manner and caused major network congestion.

These massively high gas costs have deprived the average retail investor of being active and participating in the trading routine of Uniswap or even the fundamental protocol interactions such as staking or token approval. The ETH proposals are not providing any immediate solution to this problem currently, and this has driven the retail investors to search for platforms that are not Ethereum based and that enable their users to perform yield farming and various other DeFi functions.

With reports suggesting that there is no imminent solution to this problem at hand for Ethereum based platforms, it might be beneficial for investors to search for other substitute blockchain platforms available in the market.

WINK (WIN) With Low Gas Fee and Multiple Functions

WINk (WIN) is a strong contender as a substitute option. WINk (WIN) is a gambling platform based on Tron, and it enables its users to socialize, play and skate assets between various blockchain frameworks by utilizing its native token, which is WIN.

The only prerequisite of using WINk (WIN) is having a Tron wallet with almost 8 TRX in it, which equals about $0.48 at its current market price. As compared to the average gas fee of $40 on Ethereum based platforms, this is a very viable option for investors.

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