Dubai’s Fastest Growing Crypto Firm MaskEX Introduces Virtual Payment Cards For Global Use

Virtual Payment Cards Introduced By MaskEX

One of the fastest-growing crypto platforms in the world and Dubai’s largest crypto firm, MaskEX, has introduced virtual payment cards. By doing this, the platform is aiming to bring in more utilities for the users.

The platform is also aiming to achieve higher targets to bring in more users to its side in the future. It wants to increase its user base and followers. It is confident that introducing more utilities such as this will eventually increase its market demand.

The launch was duly announced in a physical event and later publicized in an official press release issued by MaskEX.

The announcement suggests that MaskEX’s users would now be able to use the card anywhere in the world. Wherever the card is supported, the users will be able to use them to make payments.

The card will allow users to convert digital currencies into fiats which can then be paid to global vendors and service providers.

According to MaskEX’s press release, the card is capable of functioning in 176 countries of the world. Furthermore, it can be presented to over 50 million global vendors and service providers for the settlement of payments/invoices.

The virtual card facility has instantly been offered to MaskEX’s customers. However, only those members of the platform would be able to avail of the virtual cards whose IDs are already verified by MaskEX.

Un-verified members can contact MaskEX’s teams and get their IDs verified if they are interested in availing of the virtual payment card facility.

AAX’s Research and Strategy Head Hired As ‘Vice President’ of MaskEX

MaskEX’s announcement further revealed that it has appointed a new Vice President of the platform.

Per the press release, VP’s responsibilities have been entrusted to Ben Caselin, who was previously heading the Research and Strategy department of AAX.

It may be noted that AAX is a global crypto trading platform that is currently headquartered in Hong Kong.

Caselin remained associated with AAX for the past four years and played a pivotal part in encouraging Bitcoin adoption in Hong Kong.

CEO’s Remarks

MaskEX’s CEO, Eric Yang, remarked that his company is delighted to introduce globally acceptable virtual payment cards for platform users.

He claimed that MaskEX’s customers can now roam around freely across the world without the need of going to money exchangers.

He further said that his company’s ambition is to enable and facilitate crypto users in spending money at their own convenience.

Yang insisted that MaskEX’s-backed virtual payment card is one of the ways adopted by MaskEX in connecting crypto with users’ day-to-day affairs.

As regards the hiring of Caselin, Yang commented that Caselin is going to be a wonderful addition to the platform. Yang posed his trust and confidence in Caselin and hoped that the new VP would take MaskEX’s vision further.

Yang was of the view that his company is expecting Caselin to help it expand globally while assuring industry-leading practices.

MaskEX’s CEO further revealed that his company is one of the few centralized crypto platforms of the world which encourage ‘proof of reserves’.

He claimed that there are only one and a half dozen of such firms and MaskEX is one of them.

CEO’s Acknowledgement of Worse Market Conditions

MaskEX’s CEO also acknowledged that the crypto market is suffering from severe back-to-back contagions.

He however supported the freshly hired VP by suggesting that Caselin has always given first priority to consumers and then to business.

He suggested that the crypto industry needs people like Caselin who can restore investors’ confidence and guarantee balance without jeopardizing growth.

Yang stressed that the industry urgently needs global help and neither he nor Caselin or MaskEX can let the industry struggle alone.

He urged global platforms to not let alone the crypto industry and do whatever it takes to ensure it continues to expand.

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