Elon Musk Landlord Wants Rent In Bitcoin

Elon Musk remains one of the most prominent names in the Blockchain space, as his influence continues to wax more potent in the market. The Tesla owner started his crypto journey by flirting around popular meme coin- Dogecoin, as he once called himself its owner. Since then, he started to meddle around the most prominent cryptocurrency in the Blockchain space- Bitcoin, as he moved the digital asset’s market in January when he announced that Tesla had purchased $1.5 billion worth of the cryptocurrency. In the last month, the investor announced that Tesla would start to accept Bitcoin as payment for their automobiles from their customers in the U.S.

Is Elon Musk open to spending his Bitcoins?

However, the latest news concerning Musk and Bitcoin is that the landlord of the building where Tesla resides upon- Caruso, has now announced that he is open to collecting rent in Bitcoin. The Tesla owner, who has taken every opportunity to express his delight with Bitcoin, had earlier informed the public that the Bitcoin generated from the sales of Tesla’s would not be traded or spent, as he intends to custody them.

However, Caruso, the building owner where Tesla is located in California, has now announced a partnership with Geminin Exchange. According to Caruso, the partnership with Winklevoss-owned Gemini will see the real estate firm accept Bitcoin as rent and mortgages for all their properties. Apart from the new payment system adopted by Caruso, the real estate firm has now joined the growing list of institutional investors in Bitcoin, as they have announced that they have now invested 1% of their treasury in Bitcoin.

However, the question on many analysts’ lips is that will Musk pay his rent via Bitcoin?. Before now, the Tesla owner has always made it clear that he has no plans to utilize or spend his Bitcoin, as he sees them as the future. However, there is no confirmation on whether he will spend it on his rent or not.

There is a lifeline for Musk

Speaking to the press after the announcement, the founder of Caruso- Rick Caruso, expressed his delight at the new agreement, as he confirmed that they had always been looking for a way to collect rent and dues from their Bitcoin investors. However, Caruso confirmed that the new payment method is optional, as the real estate is very much open to collecting their earnings in fiat currencies.

Caruso also expressed his delight at joining the growing list of institutional investors of Bitcoin, as he believes that the digital asset has already proven itself to be a good investment. Caruso believes that Bitcoin and Blockchain technology is the future of business and finance, and he is delighted that his organization has taken a giant step into tapping into the future.

Fortunately, the words of Caruso have now provided a lifeline for Elon Musk and co. Who are unwilling to spend their Bitcoin assets. However, while he has always confirmed not to be an advocate of spending his Bitcoin, there is no confirmation yet as to whether Musk will pay his rent with Bitcoin or not.

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