Elon Musk’s Reassurance of His Loyalty to Bitcoin Lessens Criticism

SpaceX’s CEO, Elon Musk, who is also the Technoking cum CEO of Tesla Inc., has reassured his faithfulness and loyalty towards the leading crypto i.e. Bitcoin. He was being subjected to a lot of criticism and controversy over an action which apparently was taken by his employer company namely Tesla Inc.

Elon Musk is a person who is being adhered to and admired by a huge audience around the world. He is popular in the normal world as well as in the online world and is regarded as a role model and an ambassador for the digital world. He is also known to have invested a huge portion of his wealth into Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other crypto-assets. For instance, he was the person who had initially come in support of the crypto which is regarded as “meme Coin i.e. Doge”. Because of his unconditional support towards Doge, it has become one of the highly traded and continuously values surging assets within the crypto economy.

However, his popularity and his expertise came into question when Tesla Inc. had announced its immediate detachment from Bitcoin. This was a decision that nobody, from the crypto community, especially Bitconers, was expecting. However, Musk had to do what he was assigned to do and so he made the announcement of Tesla’s detachment. However, making an announcement was not a difficult task. The difficulty is when you have to face the consequences.

This is what then started to happen and Musk came under immense pressure and was subjected to unwanted criticism. Many from the criticizer’s lot claimed that Musk himself has detached him from Bitcoin and had let go of his Bitcoin holding. However, all these claims were untrue and lacked credence.

In order to clarify his position, Musk has been increasingly involved in posting tweet messages and responding to them these days. Most of the tweet messages posted by Musk show that he is continuing his journey on Bitcoin’s bandwagon. Someone had asked him on Twitter what he would prefer i.e. the crypto or the fiat currencies. In response, Musk responded that his obvious choice of priority would be crypto without any doubt.

It seems now that the criticism against Elon Musk is ending gradually because the majority of his fans loved his response. They have been suggesting that his statement shows that he has not totally disassociated him with either Bitcoin or crypto. After that, there is a sudden change in the tone of criticizers as well who are now not throwing any harsh remarks towards Musk.

Elon Musk became zero from a hero when, based on environmental pollution, Tesla refused to receive further payments in Bitcoin. The company supported the ongoing trend that Bitcoin mining involves the utilization of fuels, which in return produce carbon, which is environmentally hazardous.

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