Employers In Japan Taking Huge Interest In Metaverse For Hiring

Metaverse’s Step-wise Evolution

People often disregard the ‘Metaverse’ on the pretext that it is far from reality i.e. a world that exists virtually only.

However, with the passing of each day, the world is coming to know of the benefits which Metaverse is capable of providing.

Initially, Metaverse primarily served as a place for online gamers where they join each other in an in-game task and play as a team.

Then tech giants developed an idea to offer their services to consumers virtually by developing virtual offices in a Metaverse space.

The concept then evolved further and expanded to include a place for gamers to socialize and interact with each other virtually.

Further evolution, brought investors into the virtual world and people started to acquire virtual lands for selling them later at higher rates. Virtual worlds are becoming more and more attractive.

This is mainly because of the advancements that have been introduced in the crypto-blockchain industry.

The software and hardware technologies have been improving as well, which is constantly making the metaverse more advanced.

Currently, employers are developing a keen interest in Metaverse for recruiting skilled employees. This very kind of interest is rapidly growing in the tech-savvy country of Japan.

Japanese Employers Keen Interest in Metaverse

It would be wrong to suggest that Metaverse would play a crucial role in changing the future landscape. It has already drastically changed landscapes pertaining to various fields.

Right now, the Metaverse is going after ‘job hunting’ for changing and overhauling it completely.

Very recently, a Metaverse event took place in Japan which was titled ‘Metaverse job fair 2023’. The purpose of the event was to ensure that more talent came up to show off their skills.

This way, the development teams working on the metaverse projects would be able to find people who have expertise and specialties to share in the particular field.

The event was totally virtual-based and was attended by recruiters as well as potential employees. Amongst the potential employees, there were at least two thousand students who participated in the job fair.

All of the potential recruits were given their unique digital avatars enabling them to interact with their potential employers/recruiters.

Furthermore, the job seekers were allowed to virtually examine each job opportunity so as to short-list them according to their qualifications.

In addition, the potential recruits were also granted permission to ask questions directly from the employers with regard to the jobs.

Over 179 Employers Partook In the Metaverse Job Fair

The event was duly covered by one of the oldest newspapers in Japan namely ‘Asahi Shimbun’ which covered the story in full pages.

As per the news story of Asahi Shimbun, the job fair was attended by roughly 179 corporate giants in Japan.

The metaverse-based job fair was arranged by Neo Career and X Inc. of Japan.

Neo Career took up the responsibility of taking care of issues pertaining to job concerned issues. On the other hand, X Inc. looked after the specific tasks pertaining to Metaverse.

Employers were of the view that this was a unique event that happened for the first time in Japan. They further ensured their commitment to participating in organizing and attending similar events in the future.

Most importantly, the recruiters acknowledged that Metaverse has the potential of bringing forward unique advantages.

A high-ranking official of Neo Career commented that Metaverse has created a convenient inroad between the recruiters and distant recruits.

He further suggested that online meetings between the two should be encouraged for sustainable growth.

Metaverse Future in Japan

Metaverse could be very instrumental, particularly for countries like Japan as Japan is one step ahead of others in the technology sector.

Presently there are a number of Japanese corporate giants which have been particularly relying on Metaverse for various purposes.

For instance, Toda City of Japan is already utilizing Metaverse-based tools for facilitating its students in attending online classes.

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