Ethereum Consolidates Beneath 8-Month Trend, A Move to $4K?


  • ETH has seen its price rising by almost 100% since last month.
  • Ethereum has had its movements confined in an ascending price channel.
  • The 20 MA has acted as a support for more than three weeks.

Is ETH targeting $4,000?

Ethereum (ETH) has ridden bullish waves since the London upgrade. The leading alternative crypto has registered highs over this month. One change with the upgrade is that each transaction involves ETH burning. That makes Ethereum almost a deflationary asset.

While writing this content, the network has burned more than 71,000 ETH since the successful upgrade. Investors maintained a bullish attitude towards the coin, resulting in a significant uptrend. For now, ETH might hit mid-3Ks soon. However, that will demand Bitcoin steadiness.

Analysts concluded that ETH created an ascending price channel after analyzing the asset’s movements over the past ten days. Such a development translates to an awaited bullish break. Keep in mind that bulls have consolidated beneath an almost nine-month trend-line. The level held ETH’s price until mid-June. The alt will have to regain its lucrative trend for a massive rally.

Besides this trend, ETH faces a massive resistance territory from $3,135 to $3,323. Bulls will have to battle this barrier for the token to rally high. If Ethereum cracks the zone, it will surge to $3,565 and $4,092 with magnified bullishness.

Price Analysis

Ethereum has used the 20-day MA as its support since breaking above $2,000. The Moving Average is essential to tell the asset’s trend. If ETH breaks beneath this zone, it might experience a near-term downfall.

Besides the MA, ETH has critical support at $2,927, which held the coins for about two weeks. With bearish dominance, ETH would plunge beneath this support, possibly retracing towards $2,616.

The RSI shows that the strength is shifting towards the oversold region. That is a bullish scenario, translating for upside momentum. If the stochastic RSI maintains over the 20-level, ETH might experience a breakout in the coming sessions.

Intraday Analysis

  • Spot rate – $3,274
  • Trend – bullish
  • Volatility – high
  • Support level – $2,927
  • Resistance level – $3,323

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